Diggy and Kel turned and waved to everyone as they got in their cars and drove away.

Diggy picked up his keys and walked away from Kel.

"Did you mean what you said?" said Demetreus.

Kel responded, "about what?"

"Did you mean what you said, Mikhael?"

"That I love you?"

"When you called me your boyfriend?"

Kel walked up to Demetreus and said, "Demetreus, listen to me?"

Demetreus quickly interrupted, "I think its best if you go home with Malik."

"Wait... what?"

Demetreus picked up the phone and called Malik.

Demetreus: Hello?

Malik: Hey Frat!

Demetreus: Can you come back and pick up Mikhael, he would like to go home now.

Malik: Is everything okay?!

Demetreus: Thanks Malik, I'll talk to you later.

*Dial Tone*

Kel interrupted, "You didn't have to do that."

Demetreus snapped his head and uttered,  "Listen, you just made me prove that I was a man over there. We are both soaked and I feel that it is best that you go live the life that you are accustomed to. You clearly look at me as a female when I am a male. I'm not even that feminine, but because I am submissive to you, that's the role that you want me to play. Well I am not a woman. I have a penis, I have testosterone and I am a man." Diggy proclaimed.

"Diggy, I didn't mean it like that..." interrupted Kel

"Let me finish! I am comfortable in my skin, and I want a man that is comfortable in theirs. I think it is best if you go back to being straight. Conform to the realities that you made for your life. Date a woman that will love and cherish you. Fall in love with someone whom you can't live without."

Kel's facial expression started to tense up.

Diggy gave Kel his keys and said, "The messed up part about it, was that you only called me your boyfriend, when people were expecting you too. Yea, you called me your boyfriend in front of your friends, but that because they were looking at you. When will you just be honest with yourself? When will you not care what others think about you? I know its hard, but your not willing to try."

Diggy walked up to Kel, and kissed him softly on his lips. When Kel opened his eyes, Diggy said,  "It was nice meeting you. Have a nice life."

Kel tightly grabbed Diggy's arm. "Don't leave me! Demetreus, just know that I love you."

Kel released his arm, and Diggy started to walk the opposite way.  Kel wiped his tears away.


10 minutes later

Malik drove up in his car. Kel got up from sitting on the curb and walked over to the car. Malik opened the door, greet Mikhael and turned down his music.

"Hey Kel? Are you okay?" said Malik.

Kel responded, "Its over between us. I finally lost him"

Malik rubbed his back, "Damn Kel, I'm sorry."

The End

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