He started to overpower Diggy and he pushed him off. They both stood to their feet. Kel put his keys and cell phone on the grass, and so did Diggy.

"Fight me!" said Kel.

"No! I am not an enemy!"

Kel swung and hit Diggy. Diggy fell on the ground.

"Stop Kel! I don't want to fight!" said Diggy.

"Everyone keeps telling me that its about image! That I need to admit that I am gay. But the guy that I am in love with is confusing me because he is a female in my eyes. I'm not gay because you are a female."

Diggy stood up and started to walk backwards, "I am a man! I am feminine, true, but I am a man."

Kel responded, "Then hit me! Men fight! Men are dominate! Men aren't bitches."

Kel swung and hit Diggy again in his arm.

Diggy wiped away his tears. " I am a man!"

"Are you? You haven't prove it to me, yet. Your nickname is even a feminine one, Diggy... Demetreus. Stand up! Why are you walking backwards?"

"What happens when I fall?! If you are the one for me, then what?"

Kel swung and Diggy caught his punch. He twisted his arm and push him to collide to the bridge wall. He kicked the back of Kel knee, and his leg collapsed. He let go of Kel and he punched him twice in the back. Diggy released Kel, and took a couple of steps back.

Diggy said, "I am who I am! I will not change for anyone, not even you! I am a man, and if you can't see that, then maybe your conscious is right."

Kel rubbed his shoulder and stood on his feet. Diggy punched him straight in cheek and then an upper cut. Kel fell two steps back, Diggy punched him in his stomach and then Kel punched Diggy. They started to fully fight.


Andi pulled up in her car with Malik, Fox, Tevin & Rachel. Tevin pointed out that he saw two people fighting at the bottom of the stone bridge walkway. The five of them  ran down the hill to the men.

"KEL, STOP!" they screamed.

Diggy slammed Kel into a park bench. He looked up to see his friends run down the hill. Kel got up and punched Diggy in his chest. Diggy groaned. He put Diggy in a head lock.

Malik grabbed Kel and Fox grabbed Diggy. Kel was pissed and bruised, but he was smiling. Diggy's face was bruised, but he was smiling.

"Hey guys?!" said Kel.

Diggy broke Fox's grip, and tackled Kel and Malik into the ocean.

"OH SHIT!" Rachel, Andi & Tevin said.

Malik pulled Diggy out of the  water, and then Kel.

Kel got up and said, "Its okay, me and Demetreus are fine."

Diggy got up, "Yeah guys, we are fine... Kel thought I needed to prove my manhood to him, by beating his ass... literally."

"I liked it too... I'm glad you can take a punch..." said Kel as he was walking towards him.

"At least I wasn't the first one to bleed."

Rachel, Tevin, Andi, Malik, and Fox all looked at each other...

Kel walked up to Diggy and hugged him. They started to kiss gently, since their faces were bruised.

Kel gave Malik his keys. Andi hugged Diggy.

"Can we go home now, I see the sun rising?!" giggled Diggy.

Kel grabbed Diggy around his waist and started to kiss him.

"Where are we going?" said Andi & Malik.

"Well you guys are going back to Andi's place and the hotel, I'm going with my boyfriend back to his apartment." said Kel.

"OOOOOO" they all laughed.

"We are going to sleep nothing else!" said Diggy as they all laughed, walking to the cars.

The End

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