Me Versus YouMature

After an hour of sitting in Penn's Landing, and feeling a whole lot better about all his situations, he decided to go back to the hotel room. As soon as Kel stood up, he notice Diggy crying about 25 feet away from him. He sat back down, and watched him. Diggy was upset and talking on the phone. He was covered in the same clothes from the party but he looked cold. Kel listened closely and heard his conversation.

"I am so upset with myself, that I allowed this to happen!" Diggy said as he wiped his eyes.

Diggy said, "I knew he was straight! I knew I was only an experiment, and my dumb ass fell in love. Now who looks stupid! ME! Cause he got people falling over him, but I don't! I gotta wear tight clothes, and perform sexual acts for a guy to just notice me. I don't fit that image of a gay guy. And I probably will never..."

Diggy continued, "He made me feel beautiful and now he's gone... and I am by myself."

Kel started to tear up as he listened. He wanted to say something, but he was still confused about what he wanted.

 " Thank you for listening, Andi. Go enjoy being with Fox. Sorry for ruining your night." Responded Diggy, "bye!"

*dial tone*

Kel noticed that Diggy started walking towards him. Kel put his head down, as he saw footsteps approaching.

Diggy walked past a mysterious figure sitting on the bench, and got a little afraid. Diggy sped up his pace as he walk by him. When Diggy got a far enough distance, Kel put his head up. Kel got up and waited till Diggy was about 20 feet from him and he started to follow behind him. Diggy noticed someone was walking behind him, and started to text Andi, giving his where-a-bouts.

He picked up his phone to notice a text message from Kel. He opened it.

Kel: I am behind you, don't be afraid.

Diggy pulled out his switchblade that was on his key chain. He turned.

"Demetreus, Its Mikhael." said Kel as he walked into the city light.

Diggy got defensive.

"Fuck you!" said Diggy!

"Fuck you too!" said Kel as he walked towards Diggy.

"Stop, don't get any closer to me! You have said enough to me! Can you just make up your mind!"

"That's the purpose of this conversation."

"I don't want to have this conversation."

"Demetreus, I had a lot of time to think" said Kel.

Kel walked up on Diggy. Diggy slapped him square in his face, left his hand print on his face.

Kel responded, " I deserved that."

Diggy threw up his middle finger and said, "fuck you asshole!"

Kel gripped up Diggy.

Diggy yelled, "LET G-gg-goo oOfF m-m-mME!"

Kel started to squeeze Diggy.

"Kel! Get off of me!!"

"You are going to listen to me!"

"Why? You don't love me anymore?!"

"I do love you, I just..."


He shook Diggy and said,  "I do fucking love you! I fucking love you! You are mine!"

Diggy started to cry a little bit. Kel shook Diggy again.

Kel yelled at Diggy, "Stop crying! You've cried enough! Get angry, show me your a man and not a woman!

Diggy cocked his neck  and said "What? You think I'm a woman. You want to see me mad, and not dramatic!"

Diggy kneed Kel in his crotch.  Kel groan and let go of his grip. Diggy punched Kel in his face and he fell to the ground. Diggy got on top of Kel and pinned his arms to the ground. He put his body weight on Kel.

"I am a man! But also a Bitch! You got a problem?!" said Diggy.

Kel tried to overpower Diggy, but was struggling a little bit.

"So you do have strength!" said Kel.

"I'm not afraid of you!"

"Its Xzavion versus Demetreus... me versus you!"

The End

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