Kel sat in the parking lot of McDonalds, staring at the stars.  He watched the stars through the sunroof of Malik's car.

He looked around to see people walking around, looking happy. Teenagers laughing and enjoying themselves. He laid his seat back, and started to concentrate on how luminous the stars were. He noticed his phone was ringing, but he ignored it.

He turned the car in ignition, backed up and started to drive. He drove for a half and hour. He had no idea where he was or how to get back where he came from. He parked. He read a sign that looked familiar to him:

Penns Landing...

(Penn's Landing is the waterfront area of the Center City along the Delaware River in Philly.)

He knew he was near Diggy's house, because they spent their 2nd date here, watching the boats ride by.

He picked up his phone to call his mother.

"Hey Mom!" said Kel.

"How are you, Xzavion?" responded his mom.

"Just having a lot of emotions right now, and don't know how to deal with them."

"Well Xzay, go take a walk and clear your thoughts so you can think. Would you like to talk?"

"No... I can handle it. Can I talk to my son?"

"Yes baby" she said, "Here is Jaiden, and its okay to cry. You are human."

Jaiden said, "Hey daddy!"

"Hey Jai! How is grandma treatin u?" said Kel.

"I love grandma! I miss you daddy. When are you coming back?"

"Soon..." he said.

"And when is Diggy coming?"


"We gotta make a cake for you called the Jaiden surprise. But you can't know whats in it. Shhhh! Its a surprise."

"Really, oh okay, well I can't wait to taste it. I gotta go, but I love you!"

"Love you too daddy! Bye-bye"

"Bye Jaiden!" dial tone.

Kel walked down the red paths by the waterfront. He sat on a bench and watched nature around him after dark. The city lights and stars were glistening as he realized that he was crying. He hasn't cried in a very long time. He felt all his frustration from all his problem release. He looked down at his phone, to see 8 unread text messages. He only read one from Rachel:

Rachel: Xzavion, I love you! And I know that you are hurt, and mad at me, but I guess as friends we stepped over a boundary. I am sorry, and I hope you can us to say you are okay and safe. We are at the hotel. Whenever your ready to come back to New York, please bring us with you.

Kel put his phone down, and continued to silently cry.

The End

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