Diggy's SkillzMature

He watch the ice melt on his body so slowly. His lips followed the trail of water from his chest to his stomach.

And I by Ciara was playing in the background.

His lips met his fingertips. He stuck his finger in his mouth, and could feel the warmth of his tongue, sending sensations throughout his whole body.

Preston watched Diggy lips press on his finger. Preston placed his left hand on the back of Diggy's head, as Diggy started to unbuckle Preston's pants.

Diggy placed his right hand on the head of Preston's penis, and gently started to caress it. Preston started to jerk his body. Preston bit his lips as Diggy licked his lips.

"You really think you can handle me?!" said Diggy.

Preston could barely speak, with just the touch of Diggy's hand to a sensitive spot.

Preston nodded yes.

Diggy shook his head, "can't even talk!"

Preston opened his mouth, and Diggy's left hand started to caress the lower part of his shaft.

Diggy was very good at teasing men.

"Your very good at what you do." said Preston.

Diggy whispered, "You haven't seen anything yet!"

Diggy stood up as started to having flashbacks of having sex with Kel.

He started to stare out into "space."

"Diggy?" said Preston.

Diggy snapped back.

"Oh wow..." said Diggy.

"Are you okay?"

"Um, yeah... I'm going to go into the bathroom, um to freshen up."

Diggy did a sexy walk, and went into the bathroom.

He washed his hands, and when he looked into the mirror, he noticed that he was crying. He started to wash his face. He kept thinking about Kel and how it was a mistake to ever fall in love with a straight guy. He couldn't stop crying. He pulled out his cell phone to see a series of unread text messages.

Andi- Demetreus! Are you okay! Where r u!

Andre- Diggy! I am sorry, we thought this would help!! I am soo SORRY!

Andi- I'm getting worried, where r u! pick up ur phone!

Tevin- Dee, text me wen u get this! We are all worried about u

Andre- Is Preston with you?! is everything ok?


Diggy text back everyone saying that he is okay, and is with Preston at his apartment.

"Are you okay, Diggy?" said Preston.

Diggy yelled through the door, "Yeah, just freshening up! I gotta send some texts, people are worried about us."

Diggy looked in the mirror and jumped to see Kel staring back in the mirror.

He started crying, he said to the mirror... "I'm sorry... I never meant this! I never meant to bring you pain. I just want love! I just want to be held! I just want to feel safe... I just want to be wanted."

Preston opened the bathroom door, to see Diggy crying in the mirror. Preston walked up to Diggy and hugged him.

"I'm sorry, Preston." said Diggy.

"No, you are fine! Do you need time alone?" said Preston.

Diggy nodded yes,

Preston responded, "Do you want me to walk you home, its still late, 12:45am."

Diggy said, "I'll be fine... thanks Preston, I'm sorry your night had to end like this."

Preston responded, "It's okay, I understand, go handle your business."

Diggy kissed Preston on his lips, and walked over to the living room. He grabbed his jacket and keys to his apartment and left.

The End

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