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Malik put his hand on Kel's shoulder, Kel grabbed his Malik arm, twisted it and pinned him to the ground.

"I can beat you!" said Kel.

"Your hurting me, Mikhael!!" said Malik.

"You hurt me by bringing me here! FRIENDS DON'T HURT OTHER FRIENDS MALIK! Stop worrying about me, and worry about our friendship! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO BE TELLING ME WHO I AM SUPPOSED TO LIKE AND WHO I AM!! Only I can say that!"

Malik started to groan in pain. Andre & Rachel walked in to see Kel punching Malik and throwing him against the wall.

Andre ran over to Malik, as he groaned against the corner of the wall.

Rachel tried to defuse the situation.

"Kel, calm down." said Rachel.

"You knew about this?!" said Kel.

Rachel started to stutter, "C-calm down Kel!"

"Move out my way Rachel!"

"NO! You need to calm down!"

Andre stood behind Kel.

Andre interrupted, "If you calm down, we can discuss this civilized, we are in public, and people are starting to watch.

Andi walked in.

"Kel?!" said Andi.

Kel turned to see Andi.

Andi saw Malik panting hard against the wall.

"Is he okay?!" said Andi.

Kel answered, "I'm leaving."

He pushed past Andre and Rachel. He came face to face with Andi. He walked past her.

He walked downstairs, and pulled out Malik's keys that he took when he pinned him.

He walked outside and proceeded to the car.

"Does Kel have the keys?" said Rachel.

Malik nodded no as he checked for his keys.

"Well he just got in the car and is driving off!" said Rachel.

Malik stood up, and watched Kel drive off.


The End

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