The SubstanceMature

Diggy holding back tears ran towards the exit. Tevin followed after him but got lost in the crowd. Diggy ran across Fox dancing with Andi.

"Andi, I think Diggy is upset. He looked like he was crying." said Fox.

Andi grabbed her bag and went with Fox after Diggy.

Andi asked, "Did you see where he went?"

Fox responded, "We lost him in the crowd."

Andi said, "I'll text him."


Kel ran outside on the balcony. He took out a black and mild and started to smoke it.

He saw Diggy go outside of the club with a white guy. Kel inhaled. It pained him to see Demetreus crying like he was, but Kel felt like thats the only way he could get over him.

Malik walked onto the balcony and address Kel.

"We were only trying to help." said Malik.

"Help who? Cause I was doing fine by myself?" said Kel as he put down his black and mild.

"No! You love him! Will you stop lying to yourself?! Your not straight! Your in love with a man!" said Malik.

Kel punched him in his face. Malik hit the floor.

"Are you going to beat me up now, since I have the truth!" said Malik.

Kel picked Malik up, and punched him in his stomach.

Malik uttered, "You can't beat me! Just stop running from that word!"

Kel said, "I want my son to have a mother and not another father." as he punched Malik in his face.


Preston came outside to see Diggy crying on the curb. He walked outside and sat next to him.

"Are you okay?" said Preston.

"Yeah, I guess the truth hurts." Muttered Diggy.

Preston picked up Diggy's chin with his finger.

"No matter what no one says, I think you are beautiful and worth it." said Preston.


Malik punched Kel in his stomach and gripped him up.

"Look Kel! You are losing him!" Malik pointed to Diggy and Preston kissing.

Kel stared at Diggy.

Malik whispered, "He is only happy when he's in your arms, and don't you want somebody that will love your son and give him everything that you can't? I rather have a strong figure in your son's life than a weak mother figure, that doesn't care about him. Stop looking at the image but the substance!"

Kel started to crack... and a tear dropped.

Malik finished, "You need to do what is best for you and your son, and stop caring about what others think of you! Now, you really need to go apologize to Diggy, because I heard you practically destroyed him downstairs!"

Kel shook his head in agreeance.

Malik pointed out, "Actually, I think you lost your chance."

Diggy and Preston were walking together down the street away from the club, holding hands.



The End

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