Truth HurtzMature

Tevin & Andre walked Kel to the bar.

Kel said, "I never saw a club like this? Is it new to New York?"

"Um... Kel we aren't in New York?!" said Tevin.

Andre texted Malik, telling him that Kel knows he's in Philly.

"This isn't NEW YORK!?! WHERE THE FUCK AM I?" said Kel as he started to get angry.

"Um... you don't know?! said Tevin.

Kel turned to Andre, and knocked his phone out of his hand.

"Your fucking boyfriend brought me here... don't tell me we are in Philly?!" Kel said.

Tevin nervously said, "Yeah, we are in the city of brotherly love!"

Kel got angry, "WHAT!! I'MA FUCK HIM UP!" He said as he tossed Andre phone to Andre.

He quickly turned and started walking and ran smack dab into Diggy.

"EXCUSE ME!... Kel?" said Diggy.

"De-dem-Dett" stutter Kel.

"What are you doing here?!" said a puzzled Diggy.


Diggy started to get mad. "Well! Your in Philly?! Why!"

"Um..." Kel stutter to collect his thoughts.

"Haven't you hurt me enough?! Why can't I just let you go?! Haven't you done that to me?" said Diggy.


"Is that ALL YOU CAN SAY!" said Diggy.

Telephone by Lady Gaga started to play.

Kel started to get angry.

"Demetreus... I really don't know why I am here. I don't want to see you. How stupid it sounds, I didn't know that I was in Philly. Go live your life, I'm not here to ruin it. I don't like you anymore, and I don't want to see you. You have made my life change, and I'm glad that since you left everything is normal and I can go back to dating women. I'm not confused anymore, and I'm not curious. So go live your life, cause you won't stop me from living mine."

Diggy was speechless. Kel turned away from him and walked away. Tevin looked at Diggy, he didn't know what to do. Andre chased Kel. Kel got to the straight floor when Andre caught up with him.

"Mikhael!" said Andre.

Kel turned around and got slapped by Andre.

"That was fucking rude! You didn't have to be so harsh with him! You are the one that fucked up!" said Andre.

"I didn't ask my friends to bring me here! I don't want to see him! I know I messed up, but with him mad at me, I can see if me being straight will suffice!"

"So you had to crush him, for your own personal gain! It was unnecessary!

"Move Andre! Do you want me to crush you?" said Kel as he pushed Andre out of his way.




The End

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