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Rachel watched Malik walk by her. He was wearing silver jeans, black fur timbaland boots, black polo. His muscles were popping out of his polo. He tied his braids in a ponytail and looked in the mirror.

"Damn! I look good!" he said as he brushed his facial hair.

"Bitches! Are we READY! ITS 11:30!!!" said Malik.

Rachel applied another coat of her ruby red lipstick. She stood up wearing a red lace cocktail dress. She pumped up her hair and slid on some 7 inch heels.

"Rachel is ravishing tonight! I look amazing!" said Rachel.

Kel walked out of the bedroom.

"Lets go guys! I can't believe yall dragged me out again. I got work tomorrow at 3pm! This is the last time."

Rachel interrupted, "OMG! We all match!"

They all looked at Kel.

Kel slid on a red fitted cap that matched his fitted red designer dress shirt he had on. The dark baggy black jeans with his favorite black boots with the red fur. He wore his favorite chain, the one with xz on it.

"Lets go!" said Malik.

As they all left the hotel room and proceed to the car.

Tevin, Andre, Diggy, Andi, Fox & Preston were sitting in a booth in the club.

Usher's Hey Daddy played throughout the club. Tevin and Andre took the dance stage leaving Andi, Diggy, and the boys.

The waitress walked up and took their orders.

"So 1 water, with lemon, 1 cranberry vodka, 2 corona and 1 superman," she said.

They started to have a conversation.

The waitress bought back all the drinks and Fox paid for everyone.

They finished their conversation.

A guy walked up to Diggy.

"Excuse me... Demetreus?!" said the guy.

Diggy looked up, and said "Hello?"

"I wanted to know if you wanted to dance?" he said.

Preston looked at the dude with WTF facial expression.

The guy took Diggy to the dance floor.

Andi shook her head, "So its that easy huh? You like him?"

Preston looked at Andi, "Yeah, I think he's sexy."

"Well a lot of people think he's sexy. Play it like a game, but he is in your court, so take back the win." Andi pointed out, "Would you like to dance, Fox?"

Fox grabbed Andi's hand and led her to the dance floor, while Preston watched Diggy and that random dude danced.


Rachel, Malik and Kel walked in the club. Nicki Minaj Roman Revenge was blasting on the speaker box.

As soon as they walked in, they caught eyes with someone.

Rachel put down her stuff and started dancing with the first guy she found.

Malik started dancing with a girl. Kel walked over to the bar and started to dance with a girl. They started to dance hard.

Kel ended the dance early, when something caught his eye. The club had three floors. A straight floor, a gay floor and a everything floor. He became a little curious. He walked towards the staircase. He walked up the stairs and the luminous lights glared in his face. He walked into the bright floor and saw Tevin dancing on Andre.

"Andre? Tevin?!" said Kel.

They both looked confused...

The End

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