The UsualMature

Trey Songz The Unusual blasted throughout Andre's car. Tevin, Andre, Fox and Preston waited in the car, for Andi & Diggy to follow them in their own car.

"We are right on schedule! I'm excited to have fun tonight! Aren't you?" said Andre.

"Damn straight, especially if I can get with Andi." said Fox.

Tevin interjected, "Speaking of Andi, look at her."

Andi left the apartment wearing a jet black cocktail dress, that flattered her cleavage well. Angel wing earrings and a necklace to match. She smiled at the car and walked over to her car.

"She looks amazing" said Fox, "Damn girl!"

"I think he's drooling?" said Preston.

The boys laughed.

"Oh snap, and here comes Demetreus" said Fox.

Diggy walked out of his apartment and locked his door.

Diggy stepped out wearing dark denim skinny jeans, with classic white reebok sneakers, a fitted white dress shirt that hugged his hips well. He had gold and white glasses on, dark denim gloves and his cell phone in his hand. He smiled and waved at the boys in the car, and proceeded to Andi's car.

"Demetreus looks good as usual!" said Tevin.

"Thats the usual?! I wonder how he dresses when he wants to impress?!" said Preston, "I gotta step my game up."

They laughed.

Fox said, "I now understand why they are best friends. She is badd as shit!"

Preston said, "Best friends... wow... he is badd as shit. Did you see his ass?"

Andre said, "I understand what attracted Kel to Diggy. I don't I've noticed that Diggy has a nice sized booty."

Fox interjected, "Do you think I can get with Andi?"

Tevin looked at Fox and said, "Yeah I think so. I believe she is single."

Preston said, "If you can get with Andi, then I got Diggy."

Andre and Tevin looked at each other and laughed.

Tevin chuckled, "Wait... Hold Up! Aren't you my date?!"

Preston responded, "What? You having been feeling me this whole time. I treated you to lunch on campus today, and didn't eat it. So I'm not going to waste my time, and plus I can't leave my roommate Fox here, with yall!"

Tevin coughed, "You guys are roommates?! Oh snap. Well at least you know that I didn't like you. I prefer my milk chocolate not vanilla."

They laughed.

Preston giggled, "Its okay, I prefer Diggy over you."

They burst into laughter!

*Honk Honk*

Andi's honked the horn, signaling them to start driving.

"Lets go have some fun boys!" said Andre as they drove off, with Andi & Diggy driving behind them.

The End

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