Get ReadyMature

Andre, Fox and Andi sat in the living room while Tevin, Diggy & Preston were in the bedrooms changing.

"Guys, do you mind if I take the first shower?" said Tevin.

Diggy and Preston nodded yes.

Tevin grabbed his whole bag, and took it into the bathroom while Diggy ironed his clothes.

Preston and Diggy started to make great conversation.

20 minutes later:

"I can't believe we go to the same school." said Preston.

"Well I am the 2010-2011 Homecoming King! You did vote for me right?!" said Diggy.

"That's why your face look so familiar."


"And plus your kinda sexy."

Diggy giggled, "kinda?"

"Well yeah, its like a quirky kinda sexy, I like it."

Diggy giggled, "Well thank you?"

"I think your attractive. Are you seeing someone right now?"

"Let me find out! A sexy white guy likes some caramel brothers."

"You think I'm sexy?"

"Um kinda."

Preston giggled, "Kind of?"

"Well, your lips look smooth and soft. And I love your green eyes, so exotic and I think that's kinda sexy."

"Well, would you like to feel my lips?" Preston said.

"That would make you sexy... without the kinda." Diggy giggled.

Preston leaned in, and kissed Diggy on his lips. Diggy put his right hand on Preston's face. Preston leaned on top of Diggy and pressed his body against his, causing Diggy to lay on the bed. Diggy wrapped his legs around Preston torso. Andre push the door open slightly and watched.

Andre text Malik.

Andre: Oh shit! Got a problem!

Malik: Whats wrong?

Andre: I just walked in to Preston kissing Diggy

Malik: WHAT!

Andre: Fuck! Kel was right, when he said Diggy moves fast, and probably forgot about him. What to do?!?!!

Malik: Keep the plan on track! Diggy will forget about Preston when he sees Kel!

Andre: Okay babe!


Preston started sucking on Diggy's neck.

"Pres..p-p..Preston..." Diggy whispered.


"We gotta stop, and get ready," said Diggy.

Diggy pushed Preston off of him. Preston stood up and let his erection show.

Diggy grabbed his clothes, "Yum.... But sorry, I'm not a hoe, if you want something like this, you will have to work!" He said, as he shut the door.

The End

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