Change of PlansMature

A week later...

Shantelle's Impossible played as rain hit his window seal. The water slid off of his roof, down the pipe and splashed into his window seal. Even clouded in gray, and covered in rain, Philadelphia still kept its beauty.

Diggy and his bestfriend Andi were sitting in his living room of his apartment watching a Lifetime movie on a rainy Friday night. Andi is a girl from the west part of Pennsylvania, they attend the same university.

Andi ran into the kitchen and stopped the popcorn from burning.

Diggy chuckled "I told you, that I can't cook..."

"Not even popcorn?!" Andi laughed as she popped open the bag, and smoke came out.

She coughed, as Diggy opened a window. He turned his ceiling fan on, and she threw out the bag.They both giggled and got back to the movie. Diggy's dogs Skittles and Baby jumped onto the couch and laid on his feet.

All eyes were on the television as they watched intensively. Diggy's vibration of the phone scared them. Diggy picked up his phone, to see a text message from Andre.

"Andi? Andre, Malik's boyfriend just texted me." said a puzzled Diggy.

"Hmm, really... text him back!" said Andi.

Diggy opened his full keyboard on his phone and started texting him:

Diggy: Hey Andre!

Andre: Hey D!

Diggy: How r u?

Andre: I'm good, n u?

Diggy: Currently confused but im well overrall

Andre: confused about wat... me textin u out of the blu?

Diggy: yeah, a lil. We haven't spoken 4 like a week, but im still cool wit u, so wassup?

Andre: I wanted 2 give u a heads up.

Diggy: ???

Andre: Me, Malik and some of his chapter bruhs r in

Diggy: In Philly? Is Kel?

Andre: Nope, juss us.


Andi, Diggy and both the dogs jumped. Skittles and Baby ran towards the door, and started barking.

Diggy and Andi jumped up. Diggy slid his robe on, and tied it. He looked through the peep hole, to see Andre standing there.

Diggy yelled, "Is it just you?"

Andre shook his head, and Diggy unlocked the door.

Andre hugged Diggy.

"I've missed you, and I brung some of my friends." said Andre.

"I knew you lied," said Diggy.

A medium shaped white man walked behind Diggy with green eyes and brown hair. Behind him Tevin stood there with another man of a bigger built.

Andre pointed, "You know Tevin, but this guy here is my friend that goes to your school, "Preston, and my straight friend Fox."

As soon as Andi heard "Straight friend" she jumped up and ran into the bedroom.

Diggy said, " Well, then come in, sorry, me and girlfriend was just having a movie night."

Preston said to Diggy, "Are you straight?"

Diggy giggled, "Oh she is my bestfriend, I like penis."

They all laughed except Fox.

Diggy quickly said, "Oh sorry, I forgot there was a straightly in the room." Then he yelled, "ANDI!!"

She walked out, in a good fitting pair of jeans, and beautiful shoes.

"Oh I didn't know there were guest!" she said. Diggy put his hand on his forehead and introduced each other. Fox and Andi eyes connected. Diggy sighed.

Tevin interjected, "Go get dress Demetreus!"

Diggy responded, "What?! I just took a shower, and I'm in my pajamas."

"Yes, and its only 9:35pm, we are all going out." said Andre.

Andi looked at Fox, "I'm ready!"

Diggy responded, "Bestie, you are not helping!"

Tevin giggled, "Then its all settled. You are coming with us, so get dressed."

Diggy looked confused.

Andre, Fox and Andi sat on the couch.

Fox said, "We are all dressed, Tevin, Diggy and Preston needs to be ready in an hour. Cause its a discount at 11:00 to 11:30. Lets go!"

Tevin pushed Diggy into the bathroom. Andre texted Malik.

Andre: Its a go! I got Diggy.

Malik: I got Kel! He slept 4 da entire ride, so he doesn't no he's in Philly.

Andre: I hope they forgive us!

Malik: they will, their pride is stopping them.

Andre: We are going to arrive at 11:30 latest.

Malik:  Okay, we be there at 12.

Andre: Extra plus, I think I finally found Fox a good girlfriend

Malik: Who?!

Andre: Diggy's bestfriend, Andi! (Her real name is Andrea, cute huh)

Malik: Very nice, and Preston.

Andre: Preston is supposed to keep Tevin occupied, but that isn't working. I hope Tevin isn't mad about this!

Malik: he wont. okay babe, ttyl

Andre: bye babe



The End

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