Love Lost by Trey Songz played on the radio as Demetreus drove to Kel's apartment.

Demetreus went into the apartment, and notice there was no one there. He packed his clothes up, and folded them into his luggage. He put his laptop in his laptop bag. He made up his bed, and cleaned up the room. He loaded his belongings into Kel's car. He went back into the house, and  wrote Kel a letter:

Dear Mikhael (Kel),

         I pray for a speedy recovery on your conditions, but after I found out today, that you are still playing the same games with me, I feel that its best for me to return to Philadelphia. I'm taking your car... I'll return it in a couple of days. You really had me fooled. I thought you really had feelings for me but you just prove to me what I really meant. Your a liar and a cheater. You cheated on her with me, twice, and almost lost your life for it. After I return your car, I would like for you to delete my number, and my information. Good Day Sir!


                                                Demetreus (Diggy)


He placed the letter on Kel's dresser.  He put on his jacket, and tied his scarf around his neck. He went down the stairs, and picked up Kel's keys. He opened the door, and lock it closed. Outside, Malik's car pulled up. Malik got out of the car and ran over to Demetreus.

"Diggy!" Said Malik.

"What the fuck, do you want?" snapped Diggy.

"Where are you going?"

"None of your fucking business."

"Diggy, you can't go?"

"Why not? I have no business being here?"

"You do have a business,being here."

"How could you lie to me? Your my frat brother?"

"Kel was going to tell you. But nothin' was even official? Like I knew about it? But only a few details."

"You knew about it! Get the fuck out of my face."

Demetreus pushed past Malik.  Malik turned and grabbed Demetreus.

"Don't leave like this..."

"Bye Malik."

"Diggy! You can't give up like this!"

"I'm saving my heart from people like you."

"Don't leave..."

"I'm done..."


The End

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