Ten minutes later... ruby red and royal blue lights flashed throughout the street. The streets were finally quiet after 15 minutes of fighting outside.  Whomever were fighting, were gone when the cops arrived.

Danita and Demetreus (Diggy) watched as the paramedics loaded Andre into the vehicle. Tevin got in the ambulance with a wounded Andre. Andre passed out from all the pain and blood lost. Tevin gave Diggy his number, so he can text him.

Demetreus looked around for Kel or Malik, and no sign of them. Rachel came outside.

"Jaiden is okay. He really wants his dad." said Rachel.

"I'm really worried. Where could they be?" said Diggy.

"Me too. But Kel and Malik can take care of themselves. Well so can Kj and Alex." said Danita.

The cool breeze ran against their skin. A police officer walked up to them and started to talk about the fight. As they talked Kj and Alex walked up. Kj nodded at the police officer, and walked inside the house. Alex walked up to Danita and kissed her. Demetreus and Rachel were shocked as Alex lip locked with Danita. He grabbed her hand, and walked inside.

Demetreus and Rachel finished the conversation, and went into the house.  Diggy walked into the living room, and grabbed Kel's keys. 

"I'll be right back." said Diggy.


1 hour later

Demetreus pulled up to the hospital. He wiped away the tears, and played with his cell phone. He was so worried. He was confused and disdained.

He thought, "Who was lying on the ground covered in blood, when he looked out of the window? How was Andre doing? Where was Malik? Where was Kel? Are they okay? Are they alive?"

He got out of the car, locked the door and walked into the hospital. Moments later, he was directed to Andre's room. He took a deep breath and walked in.

"Hey Demetreus!" said Tevin, as  he hugged him. Tevin looked like he's been crying.

"Is everything ok?" said Demetreus.

Malik interrupted, "Yea, Diggy. My baby is okay."

Demetreus ran over to hug Malik. Malik embraced his hug.

"Demetreus, prepare yourself" said Tevin.

When Demetreus opened his eyes from hugging Malik, he saw Andre lying peacefully in the bed. He then turned to the bed right beside Andre, and saw Kel laying on the bed. His eyes got wide, and he started to have shortness of breath.

"K-k-k" said Demetreus.

Malik grabbed Demetreus as he fell to the floor.

"What's wrong with him?! Is he okay?" said an frighten Demetreus.

"Demetreus, you better sit down." said Tevin.

Andre woke up, and sat up. He whispered in a raspy voice, "Baby?"

Malik sat Demetreus down, and walked over to Andre. He kissed him on his lips and caressed his cheek.

Malik whispered, "don't speak... rest baby."

Andre held his hand, and continued to kiss him. Malik palmed his hands against Andre's cheek.

Demetreus walked over to Kel's bed.  Kel was laying lifeless. His eyes started to water and he started to sob.

"The ambulance found him unconscious, with a stab wound," said Tevin.

"Someone stabbed him?" said Demetreus.

Malik interrupted, "Ross' and his boys jumped us outside. But they are all pussies! We started fighting, but not infront of Kel's house. Down the street. We knocked out one dude infront of the house, but the others were down the street. That Ross kid, is a straight bitch. Everything was good, until someone pulled a gun. When Ross stabbed Kel, that was now self-defense. Kel dropped his gun, and another kid shot Ross. Everybody saw it. It started a fight, but Olivia helped me move him into a safer spot. But when I ran back, the ambulance already had him. Olivia went to call the cops. It was crazy."

Demetreus was in tears... "Has he regained consciousness yet?"

Tevin said, "He lost a lot of blood."

Demetreus rubbed his cheek and grabbed his hand. He knelt down, and started to pray. Andre started to pray for Kel too and moments later, Tevin and Malik joined in.

Olivia walked in. Demetreus looked at Olivia.

*Awkward silence*

"And who are you?" she said.

Demetreus said, "Oh-I'm Mikhael's um-um?!"

Olivia looked confused. She looked to Malik, "Who is he? We haven't met"

Malik looked confused and said, "This is h-h-his..."

Tevin whispered, "boyfriend!"

Olivia snapped her neck, "who is this?!"

Malik interrupted, "My frat brother!"

Demetreus glared at Malik and reached out his hand.

Olivia shook Demetreus' hand.

"I'm his girlfriend," she uttered.

He snapped his neck back, and uttered with an attitude, "What did you say?"

"My name is Olivia, and that's my boyfriend, that your touching." said Olivia.

Demetreus let go of Kel's hand, and put his hands in his pockets.

Tevin shook his head, and sat down. Demetreus was getting upset.

"And who are you?" she asked.

"Demetreus, I am Kel's old friend, that came to visit for the weekend."  said Demetreus.

"Oh he's never talked about you," she proclaimed.

Tevin shook his head again, and put his head down.

"Yeah, but he's talked about Diggy!" interrupted Demetreus.

"Isn't Diggy his ex-girlfriend?" She asked.

Malik interrupted as Olivia and Demetreus started to pick an argument with each other. Demetreus got pissed.

"How long have you been dating?" Demetreus uttered.

"Not long. He asked me out on Saturday. Not even a week yet. Malik can confirm it." she smiled.

Demetreus snapped his neck at Malik and muttered, "Is this true?"

Malik put his hand on his head, and lightly said, "Yeah, its true."

Demetreus looked at Malik, "So you and Kel both lied to me? You sup-ppose- to"

Demetreus eyes got big, and he turned to Kel. He turned, and slapped him in his face.

"What the HELL did you do that for?" said Olivia.

Kel started to gain consciousness... He opened his eyes.

"I am just speechless..." said Demetreus.

"So Diggy, thats before you came up." Said Malik, "He was going to break up with her. I didn't mean to hurt you, it all happen so fast."

Olivia interrupted, "Wait, what?"

Demetreus wiped away his tears.

Kel whispered, "Can you guys stop yelling?! Massive headache."

They all turned to him, and ran over to him except Demetreus.

Demetreus sat on  the chair, and pulled his keys out of his pocket. Andre looked at Demetreus and tried to grab his attention. Tevin caressed Kel's skin, and looked back at Demetreus. Demetreus was gone.

"You feelin better" said Malik.

"Yea, I'm a trooper! Haha" Kel chuckled.

Olivia kissed him on his forehead. "Its okay baby."

"Don't call me baby, Olivia... nothing was even official." He said, "Where is my boy?"

"Jaiden is at home" said Olivia.

Kel shook his head, and said, "Oh I know that, Diggy keep him there, but where is Diggy?"

Andre said, " He found out, that you have a girlfriend and he chose to leave. I would leave too."

Kel interrupted, "Oh no... Fuck!?!"

The nurse walked in.

"Visiting hours are over," Nurse Daniel said.

The End

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