It Ain't OverMature

Kel ran down the steps to see if Ross was still laying on the ground outside. Demetreus pushed open the door, and saw Jaiden upset in his bed.

"What's wrong?" said Demetreus.

Jaiden responded, "I heard noises, and a lot of screaming from downstairs, where is my daddy?"

Demetreus knelt down, and sat on his bed.

"Oh, your daddy is fine, and everything is fine. Go back to sleep. I'll go get him."

"No... yes... don't leave me..." he said as hugged Demetreus.

Demetreus sighed and yelled, "Danita, can you get Kel please?"

Then all of a sudden they heard a sharp noise.

**gun shots**

"OH MY Gawd!" yelled Danita.

"Everyone on the ground!" yelled Tevin.

Demetreus heard all this commotion downstairs, and they both got scared.

"Jaiden, get underneath the bed, and don't come out until you see me or your dad. Stay up here." he said as he got up, and ran out of  the room. He ran into Kel's room and looked out of his window. He saw a person laying on the ground. He started to have bad images rush to his head. He was a little nervous to go downstairs. He put his hand on his head, and went to the top of the staircase in the hallway.

Demetreus (Diggy) yelled, "Is everyone okay?"

"Yeah, we are all on the ground" said Kj.

"Kel is outside with Malik!!!" said Rachel.

"Is everyone okay?" said Danita

"I don't know to get up or check on them" said Alex.

Andre got up and ran towards the door, "I gotta check on Malik!"

**gun shots** A bullet shattered the front door's window.

Andre fell to the floor.

"Are you okay?!" yelled Danita & Kj.

Andre looked down at his body and say his arm covered in blood.

"Oooo-o-o fuck!! It hit me... in my arm." Andre uttered.

Demetreus ran down the steps as Danita, Alex and Kj ran over to Andre. Rachel ran into the kitchen, while Alex and Kj moved Andre from in front of the door. Rachel wiped the blood of his arm, to find that the bullet just brazed his skin. Rachel tightly wrapped Andre's arm, to prevent losing anymore blood. Alex and Kj ran upstairs, and moments later, both had guns in their hands.

"We gotta check up on our boys." said Kj.

"Lock the door. Don't let no one in, that you don't know. Take this, Demetreus..." said Alex.

He passed Demetreus a gun. They opened the door and left.

The End

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