Got Your BackMature


Ross finished washing his hands, and opened the door to see Demetreus standing in his way.

"Yo what's good?! You should take a couple of minutes before you go in there." laughed Ross.

"Yo, what's really good with Mikhael's silver chain in your pocket?" said Demetreus as he cocked an attitude.

"Yo whatchu talk'n about?" He looked confused.

"Don't play with me. I know your bitch ass got it, and you ain't fooling no body, so hand it over or put it back." He held out his hand, and looked at Ross.

"Get the fuck out my face." he said as he pushed past Demetreus.

"KEL!" Demetreus responded. Ross got to the steps and turned around at Demetreus.

Ross then said, "Listen kid, I don't know you, but it doesn't mean I won't kick your ass. Call his name again, and I'ma beat your ass."

"I wish you would put your hands on me! You must not know who I am, but when I call his name, and you hit me, you'll get a taste of Philly in your throat." Demetreus responded.

"Oh really!?" said Ross as he got into Demetreus' face.

"KELL! We got a problem up hereee" screamed Demetreus.

Ross pushed Demetreus into the banister and he fell onto the floor. "Shut the fuck up. " He put his boot on his face. "Yeah shut the fuck up Philly. I got more than a hand on you.

He bent down, and punched him in his stomach. "Uhhh." Demetreus groaned.

"DEMETREUS, what's wrong up there?! scream Kel from downstairs.

"Nothing! I guess he is just tripping." said Ross.

"OK!" screamed Kel from downstairs. Demetreus rolled his eyes.

Demetreus thought, "Come up the stairs, Kel!"

Ross gripped up Demetreus off the floor and against the wall. He quietly groaned.

"Say something Philly." Ross whispered in his ear. Demetreus looked afraid.

"Yo, what the FUCK is this?!" said Kel as he walked up the stairs.

Kel pushed Ross off of Demetreus. Kel got in front of Demetreus.

"You, okay Demetreus?!" said Kel. Demetreus subtly grabbed onto Kel.

"Yo this kid is crazy." said Ross.

Demetreus uttered, "I found him stealing your silver chain from your room, and when I confronted him about it, this is what happened."

"Yo Philly, you lying on me now? You got me chopped" said Ross.

"Yo, you took my chain?" said Kel.

"Naw, your mans is wrong, and if he get in my face again I'ma fuck him up." said Ross.

"Check his right pocket. Its your silver chain with the Xz on it." Said Demetreus, "I wouldn't lie."

"Let me see your pockets." said Kel.

"Yo! You gonna trust this bitch over me?" said Ross.

"Let me see them Ross!" said Kel.

"I don't got your fucking chain."

"SHOW ME THE FUCKING POCKET!" he said. Kel started to get angry, he put one of his hands behind his back and he pushed Demetreus back. Demetreus took two steps back.

Ross pulled the chain out of his pocket. Kel snatched it back.

"Get the fuck out of my house, now. Before I throw you out."

Danita and everyone else looked up at the steps wondering what was going on. Moments later, Ross fell down the stairs being followed by Kel. Kel jumped to the bottom of the stairs and picked him up and started punching him in his face. Demetreus watched from the top of the steps.

"MALIK!" screamed Demetreus.

Rachel, Tevin & Alex burst through the kitchen to see Kel & Ross fighting in the living room. Kj was sleep in the living room.

Ross kicked Kel in his chest and slammed him onto the chair. Ross started to punch Kel in his face until it started to bleed. Alex jumped in it to break it up, but couldn't hold off Ross. Kel grabbed Ross' head and slammed it on the dinner room table. Kel started to pound on his face to make him bleed also.

Rachel started cursing and Tevin was confused about what was going on. Danita woke up Kj, so he won't get caught in the mix. Malik and Andre walked back in the house to see Ross thrown across the room. Malik sprinted into action. Ross got up and upper cut Malik. Malik fell on the floor and Andre ran over to him. Ross grabbed Andre and slammed him against the wall to get to the door. Danita ran over to Andre. Kel ran to the entrance of his apartment and kicked Ross in his stomach. Kel picked up Ross and continued to punch him in his face.

"You (breathe/punch) call (breathe/punch) yourself  (breathe/punch) a (breathe/punch) homie. (breathe/punch) Your (breathe/punch) bitch ass (breathe/punch) had the (breathe/punch) nerve to (breathe/punch) steal  (breathe/punch) from me (breathe/punch) and then LIE (breathe/punch) to my fucking face (breathe/punch) OH HELL NO! (breathe/punch) you should be happy I (breathe/punch) don't have my (breathe/punch) gun. NOW get your bloody ass off my fucking wooden floors. (breathe/punch) Before you stained them."

Malik grabbed him and started fighting him alongside Kel. Alex went to go check up on Andre. Kj started laughing at Ross, and laid back down. Malik and Kel threw Ross out of the house. Kel ran back into his house, got his gun and went back outside.

Ross laid on the ground. Malik gripped him up and Kel whispered in his ear while putting the gun to his waist.

"I better not see you on my block again. We are done. You have no alliance with me and my boys no more. You better not even look the same way I'm looking, or we going to have a lot of problems. And you touch my mans from Philly when I'm not looking, I'ma do more than break your nose. Get the fuck off my block. If I come out here, in 5 minutes, your bloody ass better not be out here, or I will make sure you need medical attention." said Kel. "The countdown starts now."

He signaled Malik. Malik dropped him and walked back into the apartment.

Malik went to check on Andre. Kel put his gun away, and ran up the steps. He walked up behind Demetreus.

"Are you okay, baby?" said Kel.

"Yeah, I'm okay." said Demetreus.

Kel came up behind him and hugged him. He held his hand. Kel turned Demetreus to face him. He grabbed a kleenex, and wiped the mud off of his face.

"He put his boot on my face." said Demetreus.

Kel replied, "He will never do that too you again, thank you Diggy. You saved my favorite chain, the chain you gave me for our anniversary last year."

"I was surprised you still had it. I'm sorry. I didn't think you would fight." said Demetreus.

"Baby, you good, you helped me weed out the bitches that shouldn't be in my life. I'm the only man that can fuck with Philly. " He laughed. "Baby,  I always got your back. But it doesn't look like your going back to school tonight. Maybe tuesday night. Is that okay?"

Demetreus kissed Kel on his lips.

"I feel safe with you."said Demetreus

"I feel like myself with you," said Kel, "I won't leave you, baby. "

"Not like last time..." Demetreus replied, " I guess we have to see, huh?"

"Hold on baby." Kel said, as he drew  his gun.

"What are you doin?!"

"Its been about 5 minutes, he better had moved from in front of my house."

"How bout the cops?"

"This is Brooklyn, they aren't worried about us with the dirty ass Bronx next to us. HAHA!" said Kel as he walked down the steps.

The End

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