Quick ThinkingMature

Later that night. After Dinner:

Kel answered his door, to see his Brooklyn Boys on the other side. They greeted each other and walked in his house. Malik peeked out of the kitchen to see them, he sprinted in the kitchen. He hid all the gay magazines that he and Demetreus were reading earlier that day. He pulled his dread locks out of the ponytail he had, and texted Demetreus to inform him that straight men are in the premises. He snuck/sneaked in the dinning room, turned his laptop off, peeled the rainbow sticker from his laptop. He grabbed his clothes from his bag and ran back into the kitchen. Malik took off his skinny jeans and tight fitted t-shirt, and slid on baggy jeans, put on a jersey and a fitted cap.

"Yo Kel, can I use you bathroom." said Ross.

Kel thought, "Oh shit! Demetreus is up there..."

Kel said, "Do you really need to go? Just be careful Jaiden is sleeping"

Ross signaled yes. Ross ran up the steps. Alex walked into the kitchen. Malik threw his clothes in the cabinet underneath the sink.

"Yo what's good" said Malik.

"Yo, Malik! What's Good" said Alex, as they greeted each other.

Kel said in the living room, "Um if you all want some food, I just cooked."

The men got up and went into the kitchen. Kel turned on the tv, and removed the gay dvd that Malik had in earlier. He changed the music channel to an all hip-hop music and cut the tv off.


Demetreus reacted to the text, slid off his tight fitted shirt and searched around for a t- shirt. He saw the door knob move and ducked behind Kel's bed. Ross walked into Kel's bedroom. Demetreus peeked through Kel's wooden head board. Ross opened Kel's front drawer. Demetreus silently gasped. Ross took his silver chain and slid it in his pockets. He took out a gold ring and slid it in its place in his drawer. He then left the room, and went into the bathroom. Demetreus hopped over the bed, and watched Ross walked into the bathroom.


Alex and Kj got a plate of food and sat in the living room. Malik removed his laptop. Kel and Malik sat next to them when the door rang again. Kj turned the television on and started surfing through the channels. Kel opened the door to see Danita and Andre.

Danita brushed past Kel dragging Andre with her into the apartment. Malik's face dropped. Danita walked up to Alex & Kj and introduced herself and Andre. Andre stormed into the kitchen and asked Malik to come with him.

Kel thought "This could be a disaster! My homies and my gay friends together in the same room. Well at least Jay & Tevin aren't here."

The door rang.

Kel took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Hey Stranger!" said Tevin.

"I spoke to soon. Hey Tevin, I got a full house. Come on in." said Kel.

Tevin walked in, and Kel introduced him to everyone who didn't know him.

As soon as Kel was about to walk up stairs to check on Demetreus, Ross and Jaiden, his door ranged again.

"What the fuck! All of these black people in my house!"

Kel took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Hey Sexy!" said Rachel. Kel took a step outside.

"Girl! I have a full house of black people... half are gay and half are straight. My secret is on the line! And so is Malik's!"

"Breathe! Okay, just tell them no gay jokes and not to be feminine. Is that really gay one here?"

"Jay... hell no! That man likes me." He whispered, "come on in, I still have to take Diggy home."

"Demetreus is still here? He was suppose to been left. Did you sleep with him?"

"Ha! Attempt twice, and tonight was supposed to be the touch down, but not with all these bitches in my house! Ugh! Come on in!"

Rachel and Kel walked in.

"You made food?!" she said as she walked straight into the kitchen.


Rachel waved to Malik as he argued with Andre. She opened the cabinet and grabbed a plate. She sliced pieces of ham, grabbed green beans, mashed potatoes and a piece of cornbread on her plate. Andre slapped Malik in his face and Rachel jumped. She  continued to ignore them until Andre slapped Malik again and Malik gripped up Andre. He started kissing him. Rachel smiled. "Aww boys... now cut it out before one of the boys come in."

The door open, and Andre put Malik in a head lock. Alex laughed, "What is going on, here?"

Rachel sighed, "Boys will be boys" she said as she left.



The End

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