Back to WorkMature

He waved goodbye to the staff of the nursing home. Clocked out, and sat in the lounge area. He looked outside, as saw the heavy rain. He took off his nursing shoes, and slid on his rain boots.Tightened his scarf on his neck, and put on his favorite cap. He walked outside, and opened his umbrella. His black and gold umbrella  shielded him from the heavy rain drops but he wasn't ready for the little floods on his way to the subway stop. He suddenly stopped, and realize that he forgot his wallet in his locker, so he ran back to the nursing home. When he arrived, a car that looked like his was sitting in the main entrance. He looked at the driver seat, but the windows were to foggy. The doors slid open, and he proceeded in until he heard his name, coming from the street. He turned, and saw Demetreus sitting in the drivers seat.

"Hello." said Demetreus.

"Ha!" he smiled.

""My, my, you are one sexy man piece. Can I get yo number?"

"Ha! I'm sorry, I don't talk to strangers." Kel jokingly said.

Demetreus held up Kel's wallet, "I found this wallet, and it has a lot of money in it. If you get in this car, I'll make it worth your wild and give you the wallet. And I'm sexy, do you really want to turn such a pretty face down?"

"Haha! Well with that offer I cannot refuse, especially since you have all my info, my car and my wallet." he said as he walked around the car. He grabbed the handle and got in the car.

"Hey Daddy." said Jaiden.

"You picked up Jaiden!! Oh thanks Diggy" said Kel.

"Yeah Wiggy!" said Jaiden.

"Haha! I stole your car for the day, I better do something right." said Demetreus.

Kel leaned over for a kiss.

"Really! You are really changing." said Demetreus.

Demetreus leaned in for the kiss.

Jaiden started clapping.

They both laughed.

The End

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