Being GayMature

Everyone went ahead to the winners dinner. Rachel took Jaiden with her and the rest of the boys.

Demetreus & Mikhael strolled through the campus.

"How's your head?" said Kel.

"It still hurts. Too much grey goose and cherries." Demetreus responded.

"Malik, forced me to sober up when he picked me up."

"I'm kinda glad it didn't happen. Everything is so complicated between us. It would have gotten worst."

"No it wouldn't have. It would have become clearer. I haven't been able to think about no one else but you. I haven't dated since we broke up eight months ago. I just been worrying about everything else."

"I understand. I tried to move on, but it was hard cause I like you so much. But you just don't want me."

He stopped and grabbed him and Kel said, "I do want you, I just need to put my head back in the game. Diggy, its hard."

"What's hard? What is holding you back?"

"My rep,  I'm not a gay man. I don't want the labels. I can't grab you and kiss you in public. I can't be affectionate like I want to be with my other relationships."

He walked away from Demetreus and turn and said, "  You look absolutely amazing today.  Rocking your royal blue and white paraphernalia. Your ass looks good in them jeans and your  lips looked delicious, like  something so flavorful and enticing. But I have to just watch you. And observe from a far, and can't let nobody know that I think you are the baddest and sexiest man on this yard, besides me of course. I can't be labeled, I worked to hard, for it all to be taken away cause of this label."

Demetreus responded, "Kel, when you see me, what do you see. Be honest... Because honestly I don't care what you see. Everyone will label you, if not gay, than a thug, if not a thug than a spick or a nigga. This is the world we live in. Labels are a part of it, and if you decide to live by that label then so be it. I don't live by labels, I am what I am. No, I am not an openly gay man, and I won't never be. Do I have pride? Yes, but I believe that its no-one business whom I chose to have relationships with in my own privacy.  Is it hard? Yes, because everyone is an enemy."

"You make a valid point, but I was one of the dudes that picked on gay men for being homosexual. Alex, Kj and Ross would kill me if they knew this."

"Kel, its up to you. Only you can make this decision. But I won't always be here to wait for you. Last night when you called me, did you mean what you said?"

"That I love you? Demetreus, I love you."

Demetreus took a step back, "I love you too Mikhael. But I don't want to be hurt. Do I need to leave your life? I'm tired of our arguments and I know your friends are.  You really hurt me last night when you told me to fuck off. I'm not one of these bitches that you can control like the women that want you around the way, and don't treat me like it."

"I know Diggy, that's why I like you, you know how to play the game."

"And if I wasn't intoxicated last night, it wouldn't have happened." said Demetreus.

"What do you mean, it might finish tonight.Hahahaha"

"Um, I'm going back to Pennsylvania, I have school to get back to. I'm still a student."

"I'll take you back home. And plus Malik is staying with me, it will be good for him."

"Hmmmmm o-o-okay. I'll stay. We need to finish this conversation. We have to catch up with the group so we can eat."

Kel pushed Demetreus behind a tree and started to kiss him. Demetreus looked upwards as Kel started to suck on his neck. He went back for the kiss and bit his lip.

Kel said, "yum, enticing. I'm learning, and I've been waiting to do that all day."

Demetreus added, "Damn Kel, you can't be kissing a boy like that. You'll get me all hot and bothered. What made you do that, in public?"

"I thought it was time, to not care about labels, and do something that I've been wanting to do, for the longest!"

"Hmmmm, okay Mr. Johnson, well are we still using code names?"

"You will always be my Diggy." he said as he kissed his forehead.

Demetreus pushed Kel in his shoulder.. "You will always be my bitch!Haha!" as he ran down the street.

Kel watched his ass bounce up and down... "Hmmm he look good."  he thought as he ran after him.

The End

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