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*Clap, stomp, clap, clap, stomp, stomp, clap, clap* were the sounds of the fraternities and sororities performing their routine at Brooklyn College's Annual Stepshow.

The Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma & the Sisters of Delta Sigma Theta hosted the event at their school. Each organization invited members from other chapters (from other colleges/universities) to this event. This event attracted a large number of greek organizations including Alpha Phi Alpha, Zeta Tau Alpha, Delta Zeta, Phi Beta Sigma, Zeta Phi Beta, Sigma Kappa, Sigma Gamma Rho, Sigma Lambda Beta, Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi Mu Delta, Iota Phi Theta and Kappa Alpha Psi. The non-greek members flooded the college as well. It was a very successful event and raised money for the March of Dimes Foundation.


Malik, Kel w/Jaiden, Alex, Ross, Rachel and Kj were walking through the crowd.

Malik said, "Where are you guys going to sit? I'ma bout to head over to where my frat brothers are sitting."

"BLLLUUU PHHHIII" (a fraternity call)

Malik looked around,"YYOOUUU NOOO" responded back.

Demetreus, and a couple other members walked over.

"Yo Frat!!" they hugged.

Malik introduced everyone, "These are my Royal Blue Frat brothers, Demetreus, Samuel,  Mark, and Jon." Pointing at his friends, "This is Kel, with his son Jaiden and Kel's a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha (Alphas)   Alex,Ross, Kj, he's a brother of Iota Phi Theta (Iotas) , and Rachel is a sister of Delta Sigma Theta (Deltas) .

"Hey, little Jaiden," said Demetreus.

"Hey Diggy," said Jaiden.

Alex looked at Jaiden with a weird expression.

Samuel said, "Did you guys just get here?"

They signal yes.

Samuel continued, "Well six groups have already went. The white girls in Delta Zeta & Zeta Tau Alpha are going hard. Sigma Gamma Rho (SGR), Iotas, Kappa Alpha Psi & Alpha Sigma Phi already stepped. Delta Sigma Theta, Phi Beta Sigma, Zeta Phi Beta, Alpha Phi Alpha are left.

Kel cheered, "Alpha Phi Alpha is going to go harder than them Sigmas."

The Sigmas laughed.

"ANYWAY" said Demetreus, " I save you all a seat, cause I know how Black people are!"

Demetreus led the Sigmas, and the friends to their seats.

"Demetreus, are you okay?!" said Malik.

"Yeah, I had a crazy night last night, my head is killing me." said Demetreus.

Demetreus smiled at Kel, and he started laughing.

"Well you all sound happier. I'm surprise you guys aren't arguing" said Malik.

"I'm surprised too." said Kel.

The light went out and the man on the stage started.


2 hours later

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., & Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., presidents took the stage.

"And the 2nd place winner of this competition, for the sororities is...

Zeta Tau Alpha!!!" said the president of the Deltas.

Zeta Tau Alpha got on stage.

"And the 2nd place winner for fraternities is...

Kappa Alpha Psi!!!!" said the president of the Sigmas.

Together, they said, "The winners are, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority & Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity!!

"Hey guys, do you want to come to dinner with us and the winning teams?" said Malik.

"Yeah I'm down" they all said.

"I don't know. Jaiden needs to go to sleep soon." said Kel.

"I think you should stay." said Demetreus.

The End

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