Lips like Wet CherriesMature


"Lips like wet cherries"

"Hands as soft as cotton-wool"

His hands crept up his body, while he kissed his stomach. He gripped his waist, as he moaned. Kel sat up, and looked at him as he unbuckled his belt. His hands crept up Kel's body as his mouth caressed his friend in his underwear. Kel leaned on to the counter, took a sip of his drink. The man got up, and walked over to the fridge. He grabbed the bottle of Grey Goose, cranberry juice, cherries and some ice cubes. He filled both of their cups up with the juices. He dunked a group of cherries in the drink.

He sucked on the cherry as Kel watched. He hit the button of the stereo. The romantic sound of Chris Brown's "No Bullshit" single played in the background. Kel was sitting, shirtless, and pants unbuckled as the guy danced around in a tight t-shirt.  Kel watched his body move so sensual, that it was turning him on. He pushed Kel to lay on the kitchen counter. He put the cherries on Kel chest and abs. Sex Room by Ludacris & Trey Songz played in the background.

The guy leaned against the counter, and bit into the cherry sitting on Kel's chest. He started to lightly suck on his nipples, giving Kel an tingling sensation. He grabbed a cherry with his lips and put it in Kel's mouth. They started to kiss as the wet cherries bounced around in their mouths. The indented of Kel's penis started to show through his jeans. The guy took a gulp of his drink and pulled his pants down. Kel's cell phone started to ring. Kel's eyes rolled back as the dude started to blow and suck on him. His hands grabbed the towels and his body jerked. Kel could not concentrate as he heard Malik calling him. The dude blew harder and it made Kel moan. He looked over at his pants with his cell phone in it. He knew he should pick it up, but didn't have the strength to. His eyes rolled again, as the dude took him whole; all nine inches. Then he stopped.

"Don't you wanna pick that up?" he said.

Kel exhaled and tried to collect himself, "What did you say, babe?

He pointed at his phone. It started to ring again.

Kel got up, put the rest of the cherries in the drink and grabbed his phone.

The man said, "When your done with that, we can finish what we started in the bedroom."

Kel bite his lip and called Malik back.


Kel wiped his chest off with a towel and threw it in the sink. He walked over to the living room, and jumped on the couch.

"Hello?!" said Kel.

"Mikhael!" said Malik.

"Are you crying? What's wrong?"

"Have you been drinking?"

The dude walked over to Kel as he talked to Malik, and finished what he started. He started to suck on Kel.

"Ooooo... Wh-what is wwr-wrong?" said Kel.

"Andre! H-h-he kicked me out. I kissed Tevin at the club tonight, he saw that." said Malik


"I know! I fucked up. I couldn't even tell him everything. But he kicked me out."


"Yes, I'm walking to your apartment, can I stay with you for the night?"

Kel put the fone down and muffled his cell phone with the pillow and screamed

"OHHH YES, AAAAHH baby, suck it right!!!"

He put the phone back to his ear again. The dude smiled as he took off his shirt. The dude stood up, and started doing a strip tease.

"Yeah, Of course you can stay with me." said Kel.

Kel grabbed the dude's butt, and he started shaking it in his face. Kel had the phone in his left hand while his right hand stroked his dick up, and down.

Malik responded, "Thankz Kel."

"Wait... I'm not at home." said Kel.

"Your not?! Are you having sex?!" said Malik.

"Yeah... and you blocking." said Kel.

The man grabbed Kel's hand, and pulled him to his feet. He leaned Kel against the wall, and pressed himself onto Kel.

Kel started to moan with him.

"Mikhael! Your BEST FRIEND needs you! Pushed his ass off of you and get your ass down here." Malik yelled.

"I can't drive Malik, I am plastered. Fucked up, and about to fuck. This ass is amazing. Like his lips are big and wet like cherries. My favorite!" said Kel.

"KEL! You are something else! Excuses! Stop fucking for one second, and help me." said Malik.

"Okay, okay. You have a spare key to my car, don't you? When you get to my house, take my car, to this address, I'm going to text you the address, and pick me up, and you can stay with me. Cause your my best friend, and I love you. Your my brother for life." said Kel.

"Okay, I will call you when I'm outside. Thanks Kel, I know you love your sex. But I'm glad you cherish our friendship more." said Malik.

Kel put his phone away. "Babe, we gotta make this fast. Malik should be here in 20 minutes." He said, as he grabbed all the drinks and cherries.

"Okay Daddy..." the dude said.

"Oooo I love it when you call me that. Yo, we are going to have some bad hangovers tomorrow. But it was all worth it, when I make you scream my name."

Kel said as he chased him into the bedroom.

The End

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