Take It DownMature


Andre dressed in all black, walked into Club RaZor. He walked past  Tevin, without him noticing and headed towards the bar. Everyone in the club were dancing so sensual as Chris Brown's Take It Down played. Andre watched Jay dance against Kel, rubbing his thighs against Kel's legs. He giggled to himself as Jay kissed Kel on his lips.

Andre said to himself, "That boy was working on him all night."

Andre watched intensely as Jay's hands crept on Kel's body parts. It turned him on. Andre started to touch his jeans, as he watched their bodies sway back and forth. He looked around as he sipped on his sex on the beach drink. He saw Danita dancing with a women that was more muscular than Malik. He looked at Tevin kissing Malik.... "wait what?" He did a double take.

"What the fuck?!" he said as he stared at them.

Andre took out his phone, and snapped a picture of them.  He wiped away a tear, and saw Tevin push himself off of Malik. Tevin slapped Malik in his face and stormed off. Malik followed him. Andre got up and ran up the stairs to the balcony. The balcony's bar had a great view of the dance floor and window view of the front of the club. Andre watched Malik grab Tevin and talk to him. Men tried to dance with Andre as he watched, and he would push them off. Andre opened his phone and text Malik.


Andre (1:43am)- Baby, I'm going to sleep. You are the best boyfriend ever. I don't know what I do without you. Have fun at the club. I love you...-

Andre wiped away his tears, as he sent the message.  "Lets see how he plays this."

Tevin slapped Malik again and walked away. He saw Kel walk up to Malik, and verbally tell him something. Andre couldn't read his lips. Andre watched Malik walk back to the dance floor, and when it was clear, he left Club RaZor.

Andre walked outside, and got into his car. He held his tears and drove out of the parking lot. He stopped at a red light, and started to cry. A car pulled up next to Andre's car. Andre looked over at the passengers side to see Kel. Kel turned to Andre with a concerned facial expression. He rolled down his window, and signal for Andre to do the same. Andre wiped his tears, and signaled, that he was okay. The light turned green, and Andre pulled off first. Kel's followed him for two more lights and then turned off the street. Andre thought, "I hope he doesn't say anything to Malik, I want to see if Malik will man up to his mistake."  He pulled up to his house and parked his car in the garage. Andre went into the apartment.


Back at Club RaZor, (2:16am)

Everyone is leaving the club, and dispersing to their individual vehicles. Malik opens the door and waits for everyone to come. Danita opened the handle and got in.

"That was an AMAZING night." said a cheerful Danita. Malik just sat there.

Danita asked, "What's wrong with you?"

Malik responded, "I kissed Tevin, and I cheated on Andre."

Danita was shocked. "You kissed T-t-Tevin? Oh Malik" she said as she rubbed his back.

Malik punched the steering wheel, "Andre text me, I love you. I fucked up. Bad. Should I tell Andre?"

"Did you sleep with him?" said Danita.

"No, but I let someone give me dome tonight. I got that bartender to give me a blow job. I couldn't help it. This is why I don't drink" said Malik.

"Malik! No Excuses! Why?!" she said.

"Danita, can you be my friend?! I know I messed up!" he yelled.

"Okay. I'm sorry. What are your plans?"

Jay opened the door, and the conversation that Malik and Danita were having stopped.

"That was an AMAZING night!" Said Jay, " I kissed Kel! I told you I was going to get him!"

"You kissed Kel?!" said Malik.

"You go boy!" said Danita.

Jay said, "Yes, and boy can that man kiss. He even bit my lip. Ugh!! I want him."

Tevin opened the door, and got into the car. He was quiet. Malik got quiet.

Jay turned to Tevin, sitting in the back seat, "How was your night?"

Malik started to whisper underneath his breath, "Please don't tell him."

Tevin responded, "My night went well. I even got an unexpected kiss and I got the pleasure of slapping someone TWICE!"

Jay laughed, "HAHAHAHA! MEN are such DOGS!"

Tevin responded, "Aren't they Malik?"

Malik shook his head and said, "Does anyone know where Kel is?"

Jay said, "Yes, where is my boo?"

Tevin said, "He been left. He took that cute dude with him. He was drinking."

"Was it Diggy?" said Malik.

Jay interrupted, "Damn, a bitch got to him, before I could. Damn!"

"Who?! Oh that man we saw at Kel's apartment! No, it wasn't him." said Tevin.

Danita said, "Can we go now? I'm tired.

Malik put the key in ignition and pulled off.

The End

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