No LabelMature

12:17am on Sunday Morning/Saturday Night.

"What's My Name by Rihanna/Drake" blasted throughout Club RaZor. The gay club was blasting with blue, white and purple lights. The music exploded with dancers and strippers on the high platform in the club. The Club was 2 floors,  five rooms, 3 rooms downstairs, 2 rooms upstairs. A large dance floor that lead to secret private room upstairs and bars on each floor.

Jay & Danita were jamming alongside 230 other men and women on the dance floor while  Tevin was flirting with the bartender at the bars. Malik  and Kel were sitting in the lounge.

"I'm cool Malik. Go have fun," Kel whispered.

"I don't want to leave you.  Tell me, what is going on? You look like your about to cry?" said Malik.

He sat up, looked Malik in his eyes and said, "I will NEVER cry over a bitch!"

He got up and walked in the bar area. Malik sat there and text Diggy.



Malik  (12:23am ) - Diggy? R u ok? -

Diggy  (12:26am) -Yepperz!-

Diggy   (12:26am)  -Y u ask?-

Malik  (12:26am) - B cause i feel like u n Kel juss had a fallen out or something-

Malik   (12:27am) -U r my frat brutha & he iz my best friend, I can't lose u guyz-

Kel came back with two drinks in his hands. He put one down and took a sip of another. He turned to Malik and said:

"I couldn't say it in front of every one. I'm not ready for that. Especially not them, your friends. Ever since I started to chill with them, I felt at home but then I feel still like an outsider. Malik, I'm not gay. I just like a man right?"

Malik looked at him, and gave him a hug.  Malik phone vibrated, he check his text while talking to Kel.

Malik said, "You are whatever you want to be. No labels! You don't have to label yourself."


Diggy   (12:35am)  -u won't lose me, I will always b ur brutha. I'm just tired of sitting by Kel to change.-

Diggy   (12:36am)  -He doesn't even have 2 change, he jus need 2 b real wit me n himself. I love him jus da way he is. But how can I love someone whom doesn't even kno himself. smh-


Black AND Yellow By Wiz Khalifa took over the speakers.


Malik  (12:38am)- Yeah I kno, but u gotta give him time-

Malik and Kel got up and walked over towards the bar.

Malik asked, "How many drinks have you had tonight?"

Kel responded, "two drinks and six shots of Hennessy."

"Six shots... well then why are we sitting down, lets party!"


Malik and Kel  walked onto the dance floor and a black guy grabbed Malik and started to dance with him. Kel leaned against the wall and watched everyone. A Hispanic guy with green eyes walked up to Kel and started grinding on him. Kel allowed him to. His hips moved back and forth and took Kel with him. The boy jerked his body and it made Kel smile.


Good Morning by Dirty Money started to play.

Kel said, "Yo this is my song!"

Kel pushed the guy off of him when he grabbed his crotch. He rolled his eyes , and started to sing the lyrics to the song.  He looked at the crowd to see Malik and two other frat brothers party walking "Strolling" through the crowd. The Nicki Minaj part was his favorite. He walked up the stairs, and watched the dance floor from the balcony seats. He started to text:

Kel  (1:01am)  - Talk 2 me please. Diggy? Are you there?-

He waited a couple of minutes and then decided to take a walk outside.

The End

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