Point Blank!Mature

"D-d-damet- Demetreus?!" said a confused Malik.

Demetreus pushed the door open, and allowed Malik to walk in. Kel was sitting in the corner rubbing his knuckles. Malik looked at him, and then saw a hole in the wall.

Malik uttered, "Is everything okay?! Did you punch this wall Kel?!"

Demetreus snapped back, "You heard him, answer him!"

Kel shook his head, indicating yes.

Malik looked at Demetreus.

Malik said, "Why are you here, Diggy?"

Demetreus snapped back, "Excuse me?!"

"Don't get started with me Diggy?!"

Demetreus snapped his neck at Malik, and walk up to him.

"I am handling my business," said Demetreus. "But I guess I'm done here, right Kel?"

Kel shook his head.

"ANSWER ME?!" said Demetreus.

Kel shook his head.

"Fine! You want to become a bitch because Malik is here, then FINE! he said.

Demetreus walked over to grab his car keys.

Demetreus turned to Kel and said, "You want me out your life, Kel! You love me, and then you don't. Your straight and then your not? You wanted me here, and now you would rather fucking cry in the corner and let me leave!! Well you got your best friend here, use him. I'm tired of you doing this to me. I'm leaving and I'm not coming back. Fuck you! Point blank! Isn't that what you said to me. Well then fuck you too, you grimy ass bitch. (He looked at Malik) Malik, you can have him. At least you had a man that loves you, and will stand by you through anything. I'll see you tomorrow at the step show. Goodnite, I'm sorry to have ruined your night if I did."

He grabbed his coat and grabbed the door knob to the front door. Kel grabbed his arm.

"Don't" Kel said.

"Don't what?!" Demetreus snapped back.

Tevin, Jay and Danita opened the front door,  to see Kel holding this mysterious man arm back. They looked mad.

"Well hello!" said Demetreus as tears fell from his eyes.

The three were  surprised and confused. Jay said, "W-w-well hello to you too."

Demetreus snapped back, "So what were you saying Mikhael, now that we have an audience?"

Kel looked at Tevin, Jay and Danita facial expressions then back at Demetreus' intensity. He started to hesitate and get sweaty.

"Um...um.. Dem.." stuttered Kel.

"Exactly. I don't know why I do this myself. Excuse me!" he said as he yanked his arm from Kel's grip.

Demetreus pushed past everyone, "Excuse me, someone unimportant is coming through."

Kel looked distraught and upset. "Diggy?! I...I-i-ij-just" said Kel.

Malik pushed Kel and said, "Chase Him!"

Kel hesitated and rubbed his forehead. His face got so flustered and full of different emotions. It looked like he was going to cry.

Demetreus got into his Jeep Cherokee and drove away.

Tevin, Jay, Danita, Kel and Malik awkward stood on his front stoop of Kel's apartment.

"I'm going to grab my coat, and we can go." said Kel.

Kel went into his apartment. They all looked confused.

"Woah!" Said Danita, "that was a whopper!"

"Damn, this is going to be an interesting night" said Jay.

"They both were practically in tears. I wondered what happened." said Tevin.

"Um...I guess we are still going. No-one talk about this in the car, at all. Lets go!" said Malik.

The End

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