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Saturday Night...

Danita covered in red, walked elegantly down the steps. She locked her front door of her apartment, as she rocked her rose red cocktail dress with gold accessories to the car, where Malik parked. She slid her gold gloves on that matched her gold stilettos, and pulled the car handle, and got into Malik's Escalade.

"GIRLS NIGHT!!" said Malik.

"With one girl?" said Danita.

"How bout a GAY NIGHT!"

"Thats more like it... but I like girls night!"

"GIRLS NIGHT! Now, where does Tevin live? Up 23rd street?"

"Yeah, Tevin, Jay & Andre are there."

"No, Andre is staying home tonight. My boyfriend got an 7am tomorrow."

"So its, just me and the boys tonight. Is Kel coming too?" she asked.

"I don't know."

30 minutes later. Everyone was in the car, and parked in front of Kel apartment. Tevin got out of the car and knocked on his front door. Kel came to the door and told him that he wasn't going. Tevin walked back to the car.

Malik turned down the radio and Tevin got back in the car. "Guys, I think something is wrong with Kel." he said.

"Why?" they said. 

Malik responded, "Is he okay?!"

"I don't think so. He looked like he was dressed to come out but he was pissed. Before I knocked on the door, it sounded like it was an argument. I don't know guys."

Without notice, Malik jumped out the car and ran up his steps and started to bang on Kel's door.

"WHAT! I'M NOT GOING! JUST GO!" screamed Kel from inside of the apartment.

Malik responded, "LET ME MIKHAEL! WHAT IS WRONG!"

"Just go Malik!" he said.

"But I want you to come out! I don't know why you don't want to come?"

*No response*

Kel sounded mad. Malik never heard him like this and didn't know how to take it. His feelings were hurt. He looked at the door, and then turned to walk down the steps. He took a few steps and then he heard the door open.

Malik quickly turned his head, "Are you okay Kel?!"

Malik's eyes got big and he looked confused.

"He's okay." said Demetreus.

Malik was speechless.

The End

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