Gay Talk part 2Mature

Backtrack, Kel just left to answer his phone.

"I think Kel is cute, I like that manly feel to a man, do you think I can change him?" said Jay.

"What?! From straight to gay?" responded Malik.

"Yeah." said Jay.

Tevin said, " I don't know, its something about him. He reeks of sexiness. Like the way he licks his lips. His lips look delicious, as though if you bit them, it would be like biting one of those candies which are filled with a tasty warming liquid. Damn!" as he bit his lip.

"Right Tevin!! YASSS Boy! Kel is caramel complexion, and he looks like his skin taste good." said Jay as he felt on himself.

Malik interrupted, "Can you dirty men stop talking about my best friend like that?!"

Danita laughed, "He is cute, and I like his eyes."

Jay agreed, "His eyes, his lips and he is just my type. He's laid back, intelligent, and got a little thug to him. Scrumptious."

Andre said, "He saw us (Malik) kissing before he walked in, and he didn't flinch. At least he's not homophobic."

Andre walked over and kiss Malik on his lips, "Go check on him."

Malik left the room.

"I think he's gay. But my gaydar doesn't go off with him, but its a gut feeling," Jay said.

"Yeah, and he might be on the low. Yo! When he comes in here, we should give him the gay test," said  Danita.

Tevin put his ipod on and switch it to a Janet Jackson song, "All Gays love Janet, or should I put on the Gaga? That might be too gay for him."

Then Malik & Kel walked back into the room.

Kel said, "This dinner was amazing but I gotta get back home, cause I have some work to get done. Malik invited me to come out with you guys tonight, so I might come out. But I wanted to thank you for amazing dinner! I'm appreciative!"

Kel grabbed his stuff, and hugged each person in the room. He grabbed his car keys and started singing Janet. The room giggled.

Kel said, "Hey! Hey! I only know this song because my ex loves Janet. So shut up, I got a lot of Yung Joc, Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross on my ipod. And I'm surprise you guys didn't put GaGa on, that's a better gay test. Tisk Tisk. Bye everyone." as they burst into laughter. He left through the back door.

"Drat!! How did he know that was a gay test?" said Jay.

"A bunch of gays are quiet in a room which was loud a couple of moments ago and Janet Jackson is playing? Please!" said Malik.

"Double Drat!!" said Jay.

The End

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