The Next DayMature

The Next Day...

He put an aspirin in his mouth, and paced Malik's room. He grabbed his phone, as he rubbed his head, and then he put it back down. He looked at the clock, 3:13pm, and then picked up his phone again. He fidgets with his phone, pressing buttons and then canceling them. He sat quietly with his hands in his lap, like a pregnant woman being driven to the delivery room. Moments later, he grabbed his phone, took off all his clothes, and walked to the bathroom. He got into the shower, poured body wash on his wash towel and started to suds up his body. He spent an hour in the shower. He got out, dried himself off, and walked to his room.  He always kept a security bag in Malik's house with fresh clothes for emergencies like this. He slid on his clothes, and some black socks and made his way downstairs.

He looked into the kitchen to see a new face. He watched Malik grab the man's waist in the kitchen. Malik kissed the man on his lips. Mikhael jumped back. He then smiled, and walked into the kitchen.

"Good Afternoon, sleepyhead," Malik said.

"Ha! My head is pounding. Good mornin-I mean afternoon," Mikhael uttered.

Malik said, "Kel, these are my friends, well my gays." He pointed around the room. "This is Tevin Shaw, my other best friend"

Mikhael shook his hand.    Mikhael thought, "Wow he doesn't look gay at all."

"This is Danita James, she is my good friend." said Malik.

Mikhael hugged her.    Mikhael thought, "Damn, she is pretty, she got eyes like a very dark topaz."

"This is the lovely Jaymuel Lopez, but we call him Jay," said Malik

Jay hugged Mikhael, and made sure Mikhael caught his eye contact.

Mikhael thought, "SO he likes me..."

"And this is my boyfriend, Andre Ferguson."

Andre shook Mikhael hand, and Mikhael thought, "Wow, Malik has a boyfriend, and he is very handsome."

Malik walked over to Mikhael, "and everyone this is my straight best friend; Mikhael Johnson"

"Nice to meet you all." said Mikhael.

"Nice to meet you too," everyone said at different times.

Jay stated, "Now relax, I'm cooking up something sexy. And we'll knock out that headache in a second."

The End

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