Little SecretMature

Mikhael (Kel)  heard him coughing.

Demetreus (Diggy) responded, "Um what?!"

"You heard me, I miss you and I l-l..."

Diggy interrupted "Don't finish that. You don't love me."

"But I do... Diggy?!"

"Kel, have you been drinking?!" Diggy sounded concern.

"Yes, Demetreus, I have." as he sat down on the curb of the street.

"Are you by yourself?! Where are you?"

"Naw, I got my homies here, Malik is here, and I'm outside of the club" he slurred.

Diggy started to text Malik, to tell him Kel was outside, and he needed to get him."

"Go inside, I know you're cold." said Diggy.

"DEMETREUS! Answer me! I just told you I love you!"

"Kel... Mikhael... I thought we weren't friends anymore?!" said Diggy.

"I was going through a lot, and you still haven't answer me."

"You didn't ask a question."

Malik walked outside to see Kel screaming on the phone.

"Do you love me?!" said Kel as he stood up.

"Kel, your drunk... you don't know what your saying." Diggy proclaimed.


"Kel... I.."

Malik grabbed Kel phone, and hung up on Diggy.

Kel turned to Malik, " Why the fuck you do that!?"

"You don't need to be talking to him, with the state your in." said Malik.

Kel punched Malik in his chest. "Give me my phone back, faggot."

"I'm just as a faggot as you are Kel! Now pull yourself together!"

"I'm not a faggot! I jusssst like one guy." he slurred.

"Diggy is a man, that your in love with." Malik said as he grabbed Kel's arms.

Ross, Kj & Alex ran over to them. Malik whispered in Kel's ear.

"Pull yourself together, here come the boys and I know they don't want to know your little secret." as he put Kel down.

Kel straightened up as his friends ran towards him.

The End

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