His Brooklyn BoysMature

Mikhael (Kel) was a handsome man that always had his appearance on the fly scale. He was 6'2, 175 lbs and had some sexy lips.His mother was Dominican, and his father was African American, but even though Mikhael could speak Spanish, he referred himself as an Black American.

His street rep was as impressive as a warrant of arrest for high treason. He was a well respected man of his community. He did his share of incriminating things, but he escaped the bars of steel (jail) and turned his life around and went to school.

The club roared with music and bright vibrant lights. Kel and his boys,  Malik, Alex, Ross, and Kj  stepped inside. Fresh smelling, pressed outfits, sex appeal on high, and confidence on strong. Kel, went straight for the bar, while his friends hit the dance floor and the booth areas.

"Kel, whats wrong?" said Malik.

"Oh, I'm good, chilling." he said back.

Malik responded, "Yeah, but we aren't here to chill, we are here to have fun, and I want my boy to have fun."

Kel threw his hands in the air, and started to snap his fingers and bounce to the rhythm of the beat , "Look I'm dancing, I'm fine."

"Excuse me, bartender, can i get four shots of red death please." Malik asked the bartender.

"What the hell is Red death?! Naw, I'm good."

"Kel, you're not going to take this shot with me? Damn, school got you being a pussy?!" he responded.

"Ha! Fine!" as they both took 2 shots of Red Death.

"Oh shit! That's nasty." said Kel.

"Yeah its okay, its got soco in it and amaretto, and gin in it, other shit. But don't worry about it. I'm make sure you have fun tonight." said Malik as he dropped  a $20 bill on the counter.

"Haha! Don't get up too soon, that drink will hit you hard." chuckled Malik as he walked away.

Kel turned around and watched the dance floor.

He thought, "I'm not much of a dancer, so I think I'ma just chill here."

About an hour later, a pretty girl caught Kel's eyes, and she signaled for him to come over. Kel paid for his three drinks by dropping $20 bill on the counter, and slowly took his time to her.

The song Hit It To The Beat by DJ Wallah came on.

The girl started to dance on Kel, she placed her butt on his crotch as started to grind. She started to press hard on him, and really pushing Kel to start dancing hard, instead of the weak two step that he was doing. They started to make a circle full of viewers, and his boys were watching also. His boys started to yell at him, giving him encouragement to keep going hard.

The song switched into Dj Wallah, Ride that Wave and it blasted throughout the club. The club was packed, everybody was sweating and dancing hard.

Kel thought, This is crazy, I'm dancing hard, I must have had a lot to drink. This is crazy!" (he looked to the right of him) "Look at my boys, YESS KJ!! Work that girl!" (looked to the left of him) " Alex is twerkin it! I didn't know that he could dance like that!" (he looked over his shoulder) "That's my dog! Ross got that girl in the air, he going hard! My Brooklyn Boys going hard in this club!"

"YOOOOOO... FUCK IT UP BROOKLYN BOYS!!" Kel started to yell as the intensity in the room started to raise.

Malik looked over at Kel dancing hard on the dance floor, "Look at that man, he's intoxicated and he doesn't even know it."

Kel wiped the sweat from his eyes, and when he look down, he was dancing with Diggy.

"Diggy?!" he said."

The girl didn't respond. Kel was starting to hallucinate that he saw Diggy, but he wasn't

Kel continued to move to the rhythm of the beat. He opened his mouth and start to yell out the lyrics of the song, when he saw Diggy again.

Kel thought, "Yo I gotta be tripping. Why do I keep seeing him? "

The song switched to Say Aah by Trey Songz.

Kel thanked the girl, got her phone number, and decided to take a walk outside.

The cold air hit his body, as his clothes were covered in sweat. He picked up his phone and decided to call him.

"Hello?!" said Diggy.

"I love you and I miss you." said Kel.

The End

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