Excuses... Now Break!Mature

"Kel, you really need a break. I can babysit Jaiden." said Rachel.

"A break, my break was nursing school. Rae, I have goals to accomplish and I have bills to pay. It's not about me. If I take a break, who is going to put food on the table or clothes on my back or a place to stay for my son?"

Rachel is one of Kel's closest friends. She lives 3 blocks down and babysits for Jaiden, when Kel's needs to work a double shift.

"Rae, I can't take a break." He said as he paid his bills online.


Rachel opened the door.

"Hey Rachel!"  Olivia replied.

"Hi O." She grinned.

Kel looked at the reflection to see who was at the door. "Crap! Its O..." Kel quickly skipped up the steps, trying to avoid Olivia.

"Well is Xzay home?" she said.

"Yes, but he is asleep upstairs, and cannot be bothered. Come back later," as Rachel slammed the door in her face, locked the door, and went to find Kel.

"Olivia is looking for you..." She laughed.

"Will these women around here get the picture. I don't have time..." He whined.

"Xzavion Mikhael Johnson, are you saying you don't have time for me?!?!"

"Rae, you're my best friend, and you aren't in that category. And plus Jeff would whoop my ass, if me and you were talking on that level. That man is more of a thug than I am.

They both laughed. 

"Jeff, is my sexy baby. 5 years in 3 weeks! I'm just waiting for my ring now." Rachel cheered.

"I bet. I don't know how you do it. I hate Alyssa!" He muttered.

"You love your baby momma! Without her, Jaiden wouldn't be here."

"I love my son. I hate his mom, and I'm not looking for Olivia to take over neither."

They both laughed as they sat in the living room.

Rachel then said, "Olivia, Stephanie, Mariah, they are all on you. You are a cutie!"

"I know that I'm handsome, but..."

"B-b-but what? These women are throwing themselves at you, and you..."

"I don't have time for it... I don't want a female throwing herself at me. If I liked her, I would chase her..."

"Chase her, like Kim?"

"Okay, that was an accident."

"Or chase her like Stacey?"

"She was... eh..uggh"

"She was...what?! Excuses Xzay! You always tell me  you want someone, but then you don't. Make up your mind. Pick one and keep with that decision."

Kel shook his head. "I haven't made up my mind yet"

"Oh really... DUH XZAY! I'm calling your boys tonight, and you are going out! You're gonna drink, dance with some girls, and take a bitch home, and fuck her. Jaiden is coming to my house. I'm taking Jaiden for the weekend. You have nothing else planned."

She walked over to the table and started putting Jaiden's belonging into the bag.

She continued, "Tonight is friday night, hit up the clubs, and go have fun! You don't have to work till Tuesday. Sunday & Monday you'll catch up in work, and I'll help. But tonight and tomorrow, you're going to take break from your life and live someone elses."

"JAIDEN! WE ARE LEAVING, COME DOWNSTAIRS!" Rachel yelled up the steps.

Kel just shook his head. She took Jaiden's to-go bag and pick up her car keys.

"Say bye to daddy, you're going with Auntie Rae-Rae for the weekend." Rachel said to Jaiden.

Jaiden ran up to Kel, "Bye daddy, promise me you'll have fun! I love you!"

"Oh Jaiden," he sighed.

"Promise daddy?!" He said as he hugged his leg.

"I promise Jai, now go have fun with Auntie Rae! I love you too," he said as he hugged him back.

Rachel picked up Jaiden. "Have fun Xzay!" she said as she shut the front door.

What did I get myself into? Ugh...he thought.

The End

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