Baby Stepz With YouMature

Sunday Morning

Kel and Diggy walked through Central Park. Diggy grabbed Kel's hand as they walked passed a couple that looked like they were dating. Kel let go of his hand.

"Baby steps, baby." Kel chuckled.

Diggy laughed, "I know. I wanted to push the envelope."

Kel smiled, "You always pushing something. (Smiling) But I am tired."

Diggy laughed, "That's because you were fighting last night. My body still hurts from last night too. And we got like four hours of sleep!"

Kel wrapped his arms around his waist. Diggy rubbed his fingertips. Diggy's phone rang, Janet Jackson's If. He picked up.

Diggy: Hello?

Tevin: Morning!

Diggy put his phone on speakerphone.

Tevin: Where did you guys go?!

Kel: I took my boyfriend out for breakfast.

Tevin: (intrigued) OOOh!!! I like the new boyfriend title!

Diggy: (excited) So do I!

Kel: (chuckling)  Eh, it works.

Diggy: Shut up Kel! And the breakfast was delicious. we barely slept last night because of everyone's snoring!

Tevin: (laughing) They were snoring loud. Malik can go hard! Well are you coming back to make food for us. You got hungry folks at your crib.

Kel: Um no! Yall better make some cereal and oatmeal! And then get out of my house.

Diggy: (laughing) Kel, don't be mean. We'll be back in a little bit. If yall are still there, I'll cook.

Tevin: (exploded with laughter) Naw Diggy, only Kel. Heard you can't cook.

Kel: (laughing hard) I'll cook.

Diggy: That's fucked up.

Tevin: I heard you like to burn things.

Kel: (laughing) He will catch your house on fire!

Diggy: Yall both are disrespectful! And now I'm hanging up.

*Dial Tone*

Diggy pushed Kel and said, "That's messed up."

"It's all outta love, sexy."

"Shut up bitch!"

"Oh I'm a bitch now... well that's fucked up!"

"What's fucked up, is here comes your girlfriend."

"Girlfriend... oh... lawd."

Diggy pointed to Olivia running up. Kel sighed as Diggy walked away from him.

"Hey Olivia!" Kel responded.

"Hey Kel! What is going on with you? The neighborhood is buzzing!"

"What are they saying?"

"You and Ross fought and you kicked his ass. He was really on the down low. He tried to fuck a dude."

"Damn, people really know how to make up rumors."

Diggy walked up on them. Kel turned to Diggy.

"Olivia, I would like you to meet my..."

Diggy interrupted, "Kel... baby stepz" and turned to Olivia, "We met, but I am Demetreus, Kel's good friend. How are you?"

Olivia giggled, "I'm fine. Well excuse me Demetreus." She sharply turned her back towards Diggy and focused all her attention on Kel. Diggy walked away. Olivia continued, "Well, I wanted to talk about us."

Kel laughed, "Olivia, I actually got back with my ex-girlfriend."

Olivia looked shocked. Kel smiled, "I gotta go though. It was nice running into you."

Diggy walked up to Kel.

"How do you feel?" Diggy asked.

"I feel good. I'm growing but I'm happy. I guess I like my little gay secret."

"I don't mind being a secret. I'm okay with that."


"Yeah, I understand about this life. I'm not completely out. I just didn't want our time together to not be a waste of time especially cause I still had feelings for you."

"Well I'm glad you were a pain in my ass."

Diggy laughed, "Your such a bitch! I was not a pain!"

Kel laughed, "Yeah you were, but I liked it."

"Haha! So are you ready..."

"Ready for what? I'm always ready to make love to you."

"Shut up! Not that... even though its been a while!" Diggy giggled. "I heard the last time you had it, you had to fake it."

"HAHAHA! Yes! She was nothing like you and she was wack, like horrible!"

"No-one is like me!" 

"But my real question, are you ready to move onto the new chapter in your life?"

"With you... yes, without a heartbeat."

Kel and Diggy got into their vehicle, kissed and drove off to their destination.


The End

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