Crown Royal at 4amMature

 Jill Scott's Crown Royal played in the background as Rachel drove home.

Diggy laid on Kel's lap as he watched the city lights. 

Kel faced the window and text Malik: Sorry about your car.

Malik text Kel: its okay, its just a car. His life was more important.

Diggy fell asleep on his lap as Kel massaged his scalp. Kel's other hand held Diggy's.

Rachel parked in front of Kel's apartment. Malik parked right behind him.

Kel gently moved himself from Diggy's gasp. Malik got out of his car and picked up Diggy and carried him into Kel's apartment.

Tevin, Alex, Danita, Kj and Jaymuel were sitting on the brownstone stoop. They all entered the apartment at 4am. 


Sweetest Love by Robin Thicke played on his music player.

Everybody sat in his living room talking about good times and having a good time. They all laughed, smile and tried to focus on the positive. Diggy laid on Kel's lap but he stayed silent.

Alex held Danita and Malik was holding Andre.

Alex interrupted the conversation to ask Kel this:

"So Kel... Diggy... is really Demetreus," Alex uttered.

Diggy looked at Kel. Kel smiled and agreed.

" Yeah, I am. I met Demetreus sometime ago and I've dated him for a little over a year."

Kj responded, "so why didn't you tell us?!"

Kel rubbed Demetreus' back. He sighed.

Demetreus sat up, "He didn't tell yall cause its hard too. Being gay is tough, and he loved yall too much to give up his friendship."

"Lay Down" by Floetry played next. 

Alex smiled, "Kel, much respect to you. I know it was tough. Danita is helping me with my homophobic ways."

Kel chuckled, "Well it isn't that simple. I'm taking baby steps. I'm still learning about myself."

Alex got up and shook his hand, and said, "Well your secret is safe with me. Much respect to you homie. You will always be my homie. You too Demet- Diggy."

Diggy smiled, and as Kel sat back down, he held his hand.

Kj turned to Malik, "And how long have you been with Andre?"

Malik smiled, "We've been together for two beautiful years. I met him at Macy's!"

Andre interrupted, "No... not at Macy's. It was at Giants Stadium! We are Giants fans!"

Everybody laughed.

"Why are you laughing?!" Andre giggled in confusion. 

They continued to talk about homosexuality and how it has affected their lives. The soft sounds of neo soul and oven baked pizza with moscato took over the rest of their night. By 7am everyone chose a spot in his home to sleep. Diggy and Kel retired to Kel's master bedroom.

Imagination by Floetry played lightly against his bedpost.

Diggy rubbed his ribs as they laid in Kel's bed. Kel turned up his heat and laid closely to his new boyfriend.

Diggy whispered, "Just be careful, my body is still tender. It still hurts."

Kel gently rubbed his rib cage and whispered, "I won't hurt you."

Kel slowly kissed his forehead, and then sensually kissed both of his eyelids. He patiently move down and gently rubbed his lips against Demetreus'. Demetreus closed his eyes and nibbled on Kel's bottom lip. 

 Kel closed his eyes and held him tighter to his body.




"I love you Demetreus, my beautiful Diggy." He said as he drifted to sleep.

Demetreus smiled as he drift off to sleep, "I love you too, my amazing and extraordinary Mikhael.

The End

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