Ross pressed his hands on Diggy's lower back before he inserted.

He yanked Diggy's head back, and whispered in his ear "You better take all of this! Ready!"

Diggy took a deep breath and clutched the seat.

And then BOOM!

The car shifted and both Diggy and Ross slid to the right side of the car. Ross' head slammed into the car window as Diggy's slammed into the seat belt.

A second later, the passenger's door swung opened and Kel grabbed Ross' out of the car. Diggy looked up at Kel beating the shit out of Ross. Kel jumped on top of Ross and started to jab him in his face. Diggy looked at the driver's seat to see that Kel rammed his car into Diggy's. He started to pull his pants up.

He smiled to see Kel.

Ross started to bleed as Kel continue to expose his anger. Kel walked over by Malik's car and grabbed his gun. He walked over to Ross laying on the ground, coughing up blood.

"I should kill you." Kel uttered.

"Kill me Kel" Ross laughed. "You can't kill me, fucking boys make you gay. You're a pussy now."

Kel cocked the gun. Ross became serious.

Diggy said, "Kel, put the gun down."

They heard the sirens of the police vehicles in the distance.

Diggy leaned out of the car.

"Baby, please put the gun down. He isn't worth the bullet. And I don't want to see you in jail."

Kel tilted the gun towards Ross. Kel stared at Ross with a disdained facial expression on his face.

"Are you going to shoot me?!" Ross chuckled.

Kel watched Ross laugh at him. A car pulled up and Malik, Andre and Rachel jumped out.Malik slowly walked up on Kel.

"Put the gun down, Kel." Malik said.

Kel uttered, "He tried to kill me, you, and my friends..."

Ross laughed. Malik touched Kel's shoulder. 

"But he didn't succeed. Give me the gun Kel."

Malik gently took the gun from Kel's fingers. Ross laughed on the ground as he slid his penis back into his pants. The police officers ran up and arrested Ross. As they read him his Miranda rights, Kel bypassed everyone and in a concerned way got into the car with Diggy. 

Diggy was physically shaken and upset. Kel whispered, "I got you... baby. Come here."

Kel lifted Diggy and his face leaned against his chest. He walked past Malik, Andre and Rachel.  The officers tried to speak with Diggy but he was too disturbed to speak.

Kel placed him in the back seat of the car and walked over to Malik, Andre and Rachel. 

"Are you okay?" Andre said.

Kel looked back at Diggy, "Yeah, I should be fine. I should have killed him."

Andre said, "I'm glad that you didn't and you protected Demetreus."

Rachel shook her head and said, "How is Diggy?"

Kel said, "He is very shaken up. If I would have gotten here a second late, he would have..."

Malik interrupted, "You don't even have to say it. We understand. Lets go home."

Kel said, "Yeah, I think its a good idea, if ya'll stay with me tonight."

Malik looked at his car that was rammed into Diggy's.

Andre said, "Definitely! Anything!"

Rachel agreed. Malik got into his car. Kel walked over to Malik's car.

Malik said, "We got you! Let's get out of here."

Kel hugged Malik. "Thank you bruh, for having my back and..."

Malik smiled, "I love you, homie." Malik chuckled, "Now let's go home!"

Diggy suddenly got out of the car as Ross was being transported out of the area. Andre, Rachel, Kel and Malik watched Diggy walk over to his car. He grabbed his ipod, his book bag and keys. He walked back to the car that Andre drove.

"Can we go, please?"

They all agreed and got into their cars.

Minutes later.

Kel sat in the back seat with Diggy. Rachel drove Kel's car and Malik drove his damaged car with Andre.

Rachel played Floetry's "Feelings" on the way home. 

Kel kissed Diggy's forehead and whispered, "Are you okay, babe?"

Diggy didn't say anything. He clutched onto Kel harder, digging his nails into his arm and covering up his tears. 

The End

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