Ross pushed through the emergency door and Diggy fell onto the ground.

"What the fuck do you want with me?" Diggy groaned as he held his ribs.

Ross gripped up Diggy by his collar and Diggy kicked him in his crotch. Diggy uppercut him and slapped the gun out of his hand. The gun flew into the wall and Diggy took off running. Ross ran after him. Diggy started to scream for help as he ran towards his car. He clutched onto his bruised ribs as he ran as fast as he could.

Ross was gaining speed on him. Diggy grabbed his keys from his pocket and tried to open his drivers' side door. Diggy opened the door, and Ross caught him. Ross pressed his body against Diggy's causing him to to scream in pain from his previous injuries. Ross punched Diggy in his stomach and kicked his calves. Diggy fell to his knees.

"Not yet, but you want my dick right?!" Ross said as he pressed Diggy's head in his crotch. He continued:"But you're a fast one, I almost lost you!" He snatched Diggy's keys.

Ross gripped Diggy's neck and pushed him into the car. Ross sat in the driver's seat when he realized that the cops were there. He look down the alley way to see Kel stumbling.

"If I had my gun, I would kill him right now, like I killed Malik."

Diggy whimpered as Ross put the keys in the ignition and drove off.______________________________________________________

In the Black Box Club:

Kel sat up and lean against the broken pieces of the wall. He rubbed his head as he tried to stand up. Rachel was grabbing items to help Malik. Malik wiped the blood. He sat down and tried to keep himself from passing out. 

Malik groaned, "Go follow him."

Kel said, "What are you talking about? I am here for you."

Malik groaned, "Ross took Diggy!"

Kel said, "No... why did he take him?!"

Malik said, "Because he didn't kill you.  I think he took Diggy, cause he's important to you."

Kel groaned, "Fuck this shit! I have to get him! I fucking hate Ross!"

Malik smiled, "I'll be okay... go get him before its too late!"

Kel hugged Malik and Rachel. Malik reached in his pocket and gave him his car keys. He ran towards the emergency exit.  ________________________________________________

In Diggy's Car:

Ross drove with a tight grip on Diggy's neck and the other hand on the steering wheel. Diggy subtly pulled out his iphone and without looking at the phone, he typed his phone code and his password. He sent it to Kel's, Rachel and Malik's number.  Diggy subtly placed his phone on vibrant and slid it without notice in his pocket.

Ross drove for 15 minutes and parked in a empty parking lot. Diggy was scared. Ross turned on Diggy's playlist and With You by Marsha Ambrosius played.

He started to remove his jacket.

"I'm setting the mood. You like it?" said Ross.

Diggy looked confused, "So you are gay? On the down low?"

Ross punched Diggy in his face and he landed against the car window.

Ross yelled, "I ain't gay! I don't let no bitch touch my ass. But I'ma fuck the shit out of you now."

Diggy got defensive, "Umm no you not!"

Ross grabbed Diggy by his hand and started to apply pressure. Diggy tried to break his grip. Ross used his other hand to unbuckle his pants.

"You will suck my dick!"

He pulled out an 9 inch penis and Diggy's eyes got wide. Ross pushed himself upward and started to climb onto Diggy. Diggy started to fight and scream.

"You will not RAPE ME!" Diggy frantically fought back. Diggy looked around to see an empty parking and nothing or nobody around it.

Ross applied all his body weight on Diggy which was overpowering him. Ross pinned Diggy's arms as Ross' penis started to lay on his stomach.

"I know your loving this power!" said Ross as he licked Diggy's face.

The windows started to fog up from the condensation. Diggy was fighting with all his might.

Ross punched his ribs again and Diggy reacted. His eyes got wide and he yelled. Ross tried to turn him over but Diggy pinned himself to the seat. Ross continued to apply pressure until Diggy started to scream.

"If you don't let me in, I will break your ribs!!" Ross aggressively said in Diggy's ears.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!! GET OFF OF ME!!!" Diggy screamed as he bit him.

"I'm want your ass... I'ma get it! If you don't turn over. I will kill you."

Ross overpowered him and flipped Diggy on his stomach against the seat.

"No! No! No! No! NO!" Diggy started to cry.

Ross yanked a piece of his underwear off exposing Diggy's ass.Ross applied more of his body weight on Diggy and he felt every movement. Ross coughed up a ball of spit and spat on Diggy's ass for lubrication.

"No! NO! No! NO! NO!" Diggy cried as he continued to fight.

The End

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