Melodic ShotzMature

Your Beautiful by Brandy played lightly in the background.

The melodic notes bounced around his room as Kel woke up from his slumber. The sun glazed over him and Diggy laying in his bed. Kel gently opened his eyes and were instantly met with Demetreus'.

"Good morning, Mr. Johnson!" Said Demetreus as he smiled and placed his hand on Kel's chest.

Kel leaned over and kiss Diggy on his forehead, "Good morning my beautiful husband."

Diggy stuck his hand in the air, "I cannot believe we finally did it! You really have changed." His ring sparkled against the sun light.

Kel grabbed Diggy around his waist. Diggy turned over and they began to spoon.

Diggy pressed his ass against Kel's crotch and whispered, "You haven't had this in a while, come on lets go!"

Kel started to grow as Diggy got up to grab a condom from the dresser. Diggy walked over and turned to look at Kel. He started to scream! "GET UP!!"

Kel looked concern and stared at Diggy and said, "What's wrong!"


Diggy started to yell and get emotional: "GET UP!! BABY PLEASE GET UP! BABY!!! GET UP KEL!!!"

Kel blinked twice and realized that he was laying on the floor.

"GET UP! GET UP!" Diggy yelled from the 2nd floor balcony. Malik yelled at Kel, "Watch out he is about to kick you! Get UP KEL!"

Kel realized that he was laying on the floor and his chest was in pain. He opened and closed his eyes. He started to focus. He saw Malik, Rachel and Diggy yelling. But his hearing was going in and out. He looked up again. His eyes started to focus on Ross.


Kel's Thoughts:

That was a dream... Ross almost knocked me out. I can't let him beat me!

Kel sat up and Ross kicked him in his side. Kel groaned and Diggy started to cry. Rachel tried to remain calm but Ross, a 220lb Hispanic was winning compared to Kel, 165lb Dominican.

Ross turned around and laughed, "It has only been less than ten minutes, and the great Kel is knocked out on the floor."

As soon as Ross turned around he was faced with Kel's fist. Kel brutally punched Ross, blindsided him on the side of his head. Ross lost his balance for a few seconds. Kel quickly jabbed him in his chest and two quick punches to his abdomen.

Kel took a second to catch his breath when Ross quickly grabbed Kel by his head and slammed him into the bar stool. He threw Kel into the bar and a couple of the bottles fell on them both. Malik ran down the steps to see if they were okay.

With a couple seconds of breaths, Kel gripped up Ross and his anger started to take control. Both men were bleeding as they continued to fight alongside the bar. After five minutes of constant fighting, Ross grabbed Kel and slammed him into the wall causing a loud shattering bang and a piece of the wall collapsed inwards. Kel hit the floor. He look exhausted. He was breathing hard as Ross barely was standing on his feet.

Ross walked over to the table and grabbed the gun. Diggy ran down the steps. Malik ran over to Kel.

Ross said, " I won Kel! And your done."

Diggy knelt by Kel. Rachel ran down the steps. Diggy laid his body over Kel's. Diggy pleaded to Ross to leave Kel alone. Ross smiled and cocked his gun. 

*Gun Shots*

Diggy looked over at Kel. Diggy frantically search for a bullet. He didn't see one. Rachel started to cry as she realized that Malik was shot. Malik was stunned as he realized he was just shot. Kel looked up and couldn't say anything.

The End

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