The Bloody TruthMature

Malik finally got over to the 2nd floor where Diggy and Kel were hiding. He sneaked behind the bar but didn't see Diggy. Malik text Kel indicating that he wasn't there. Malik text Diggy asking where he was. Malik ducked behind the booth when he realized Ross was on the 2nd floor. Malik could see Diggy hiding underneath a table. Malik text Diggy to tuck his foot underneath the table better. Ross walked by the booth he was hiding behing and was walking towards Diggy's table. Malik had to think fast. He popped a button off his shirt and threw it against the wall over by the steps. Ross quickly turned and followed the noise.

Kel yelled up to Ross. "Where are you?!"

Ross smiled and looked over the balcony. Kel was standing in the middle of the room.

Kel yelled: I'm here! You wanna fight! You want to prove you the baddest nigga in Brooklyn!! LETS GO ROSS!"

Ross started to clap his hands as he walked down the steps.

"Finally Mikhael Xzavion Johnson! This is what I want!"

Malik ran over to Diggy and said, "Come on, lets go." Malik grabbed Diggy's hand and they ran to the stairwell.

Kel smiled, "I'm actually quite surprised that you think I'm some sort of King of this city. But I'm not. I'm just well liked."

Ross smirked as he put his gun away. " I didn't say you were a King... bitch, you need to learn to listen. Didn't you graduate college? I said I am the only chief in this neighborhood..."

Kel chuckled, "What the fuck do you want with me? I don't fuck with you anymore, so whats the beef?"

Ross smirked, "The beef is you tried to beat my ass in front of everybody earlier this year. I need to get even!"

Kel laughed, "So we gonna fight because you want revenge on me. You've been stealing my shit for years. I found out and I kicked you out of my house. You tried to put a bullet in me, so I sent you to the emergency room. Then you send your boys a couple of months later to beat up my boyfriend. Almost rape him and now you have us captive in this club, so we can squash the beef and just fight now. Presuming one of us isn't going to leave the fight alive."

Ross laughed and knodded. "Wait...wait... Demetreus is your boyfriend?! You're on the Down Low?! BAHAHAHA!"

Kel started to grind his teeth. His jawline started to become apparent when he became angry. He said, "What I choose to do in my private life is no one's business but my own. So honestly I don't give a fuck what you think. I like my life. And you seem to be jealous of it. "

"Jealous of you being a gay bitch. Naw, partna, you got me chopped! I don't like pretty niggas like you trying to be ME! You don't belong here... and now that I know your gay! You definitely don't belong here! I hope Demetreus is ready to see you in blood. You thought Demetreus was beat up bad, I'ma personally put you in the morgue."

Kel got angry. Malik called out Kel and slid him Rachel's gun. Kel picked it up and put the gun in his pocket.

Ross glared at Malik, "I guess were even with the guns."

Diggy and Rachel surfaced to the 2nd floor balcony. Ross looked up at Diggy and Rachel and said, "Well it looks like I have an audience. Seth! John! Rob! Get them!"

Diggy responded, "Um Rob and John are tied up right now, they will get back to you later."

Rachel giggled, "And Seth went night night in puddle of tampons. He'll call you when he wakes up."

Kel smiled, "So I guess we should start this fight." Kel turned to Malik, "If I'm losing this fight, don't jump in. This has to be a fair fight." Malik interjected but Kel asked him to go upstairs with Rachel and Diggy.

Ross and Kel placed their guns away from them and took everything out of their pockets. Andre texted Malik and told him the police are on there way.

Kel and Ross got into fighter stance...

The End

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