Night Night!Mature

Malik waited a couple of minutes after he signaled Rachel to fight in the bathroom. Malik text Kel that he had Rachel's gun. Ross shot in the air again.

"Where are you bitches?!? I'm starting to get impatience!"

Kel remained in the right wing of the 2nd floor while Malik was searching for a way out of the left wing of the 2nd floor. Malik figured since the 2nd floors do not connect, he has to either face the dude on the third floor or face Ross on the first. Kel wanted Malik to stay with Diggy. Ross started to search through the first floor.

Diggy kissed Kel and said, "Go!  I'll stay hidden. Please be careful!"

Kel wiped away Diggy's tears and whispered in his ears: "I love you."

Diggy quickly responded, "I love you too."

Kel got up and walked toward the steps. He text Malik and said he left Diggy behind the bar.


In the 2nd floor Women's Restroom:

"I like your spunk! You'll be the next bitch to give me head!" Seth chuckled.

"Really! Well I would like to see how your going to get me on my knees!" Rachel chuckled as she shifted position.

Rachel crossed her left foot in front of her other as she listened to his comments. Seth quickly took a jab at Rachel but she quickly grabbed his hand. She spun on her left foot, the right coming up and out, catching Seth squarely in his jaw. As Seth hit the floor she continued to hold tightly his arm. She pinned him against the tiled floor holding his right hand behind his back. She pulled it tighter as he started to groan.

Seth groaned. Rachel giggled: "Who is your bitch now? Say I'm your bitch!"

Seth shook his head indicating no. Rachel pulled back his arm tighter. He started to yell! She chopped him in his back and he stopped.

"I'm about to dislocate your shoulder, if you don't say it!"

"Okay, okay! I'm your bitch."

Rachel smiled, and said, "Now go night night..."

"Night night?" Seth groaned. Rachel released her grip, and pinched a nerve by his neck and he passed out.

Rachel got up and took a trash can of used tampons and used feminine products and dumped it on him. She text Malik and Mikhael: Seth is my bitch now lol!

The End

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