The Baddest Brooklyn BoyMature

"Come on out! I know you can hear me! Malik... Mikhael... don't make me come get you!" yelled Ross as he paced the dance floor looking above.

Malik and Andre crawled away from the balcony. Malik stood up and text Kel who was on the opposite of the balcony with Diggy. Andre quickly grabbed the keys and directed Tevin, Rachel and the DJ to the closest exit.

Kel and Diggy crawled away from the balcony and hid behind the bar.

Kel turned to Diggy and whispered, "I need you to go to the exit, baby."

Diggy interjected, "No! I am not leaving you!"

Kel responded, "You have to... I can't let anything else happen to you."

Ross yelled, "Don't make me come up there! I know Demetreus, Tevin, Rachel and Andre are here too! I watched everyone leave... and yall bitches never left!!"

Three guys walked up beside him. Ross yelled up again, "Demetreus, you may recognize Seth and John here... They whooped yo ass in that alley way. I heard you even gave them some head. "

Diggy was shocked. Kel held him and his anger built. Diggy started to get scared.

"Calm down" Kel started to rub his back. "I won't let them touch you."

Kel sent a text back to Malik. Rachel came back to Malik.

"Andre started crying, and you know I can fight, so I'm stay with you!" Rachel said. "And I got my gun."

Malik sent a text back to Kel as they were trying to make a plan.

Ross yelled, "Fine! You want to act like your not somewhere in this place. I have enough bullets to kill everyone in this place. Go get'em!"

The three men started to search for everyone. One man found the bartenders, waitresses and a manager and locked them in enclosed room. Seth ran to the 2nd floor and started to check the area where Malik and Rachel were hiding at. John ran to the third floor to check the area.

Ross continued to yell, "Kel, do you think you the baddest nigga on the block or som'thin? I'm the chief of this neighborhood! After people hear about how I kicked yo ass up in across this bar, and then put a bullet in you, I'ma have my reputation back. "

Malik gives Rachel the nod, and she sprints into the women's room. Seth heard the noise and ran after her.

Seth pushes open the women's restroom door and Rachel grabbed him from behind. She wrapped her right hand around his neck and locked her left hand around his shoulder putting him in a choke hold. He started to struggle and she started to apply more pressure. He tried to fling her off but she held a tight grip. He ran backwards into a wall slamming her back against the wall and releasing her grip. She fell to the floor and he tried to catch his breathe.

He stood up and smirked, "That's all you got, bitch?"

She cracked her neck and took the fighting stance: " (confidently) You gonna be my bitch after this! Especially as you tried to rape one of my friends. (Chuckling) I got your bitch!"

The End

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