Come Out 2 PlayMature

He hesitated for a moment when he saw Diggy sitting there with a drink in his hand.

Kel's Thoughts:

-This was it! The big moment. The moment that he has been ashamed of for a long time. The moment that he has been running from for some time. "Should I do this? Did I really mean everything that I said before? Do I really care for him, like I said, or am I in just lust. I don't know?!" He looked down at his watch, and it read 2:05am. 5 minutes. Diggy looked up at me, and he looks so beautiful. The gay world is so tough to live in. If I turn away... I will probably never have the opportunity again.-

Kel turned away from the bar and looked over the balcony to see Ariel. She waved at him. She lipped that she'll text him. He looked at his phone and saw a text from her. Emotions fled to his mind. He turned back to look at Diggy, and he was finishing his drink. 2:08am. 2 minutes... He looked over at the DJ booth to see Malik and Andre. They were kissing. It was so passionate. Kel stared at them for a few moments. 2:10am. Kel turned around and Diggy wasn't there anymore. He looked down at his watch and it read 2:10am. Diggy stood up from tying his shoes. Kel walked over to him.

"Hey Demetreus," said Kel.

"Hello Mikhael," responded Diggy.

They stood there in silence. Kel stood there awkwardly as Diggy smiled. Diggy walked against Kel, grabbed his collar, pulled him down and kissed him on his lips.

Kel's Thoughts:

-It felt good kissing Diggy. I shot my tongue in his mouth and played with it. His lips were so soft, luscious and big. I love the way he taste too. I tasted his pineapple vodka drink and a sweet juice. Sucking his bottom lip, nibbling on his juices makes me smile every time.-

Kel released from the kiss. Diggy took a couple of steps back to catch his breath. Kel turned to see Ariel shocked and appalled.

"You're gay?!"Ariel proclaimed.

Kel looked embarrassed. Diggy glared at Ariel. Kel responded:

"Yeah, its that a problem?!"

Diggy snapped his head towards Kel. He was shocked that Kel said that. He looked at Ariel with his mouth wide open.

Ariel responded, " I just wasn't expecting that."

Kel responded, "Yea, we just got back together. Sorry it didn't work out between us. I needed to go back to the basics."

Diggy smirked, "We did?"

Kel smirked, "Yeah we did."

Diggy bit his lip in a sensual way and said, "I like this... you taking charge." Diggy turned to Ariel, "That's why I knew his sexual behaviors"

Ariel laughed, "Well how cute! And yes that explains it!"

Kel said, "Well if you can excuse us Ariel, I have to kiss my new boyfriend."

Diggy laughed, "This is my favorite part! The kiss."

Ariel laughed as she walked away. Moments later, Kel leaned in to kiss Demetreus. As soon as their lips touched, they heard a gun shots and Kel pushed Diggy to the floor.

"What the hell was that?!" said Kel.

"Was that gun shots in this club?" Diggy reacted.

Kel crawled to the balcony and looked across it to see Andre and Malik on the floor. Malik was panting. Kel looked down at Diggy and then looked over the balcony. Ross was standing in the middle of the dance floor holding a gun and yelling out Malik and Mikhael's name to come out to play.

The End

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