The End of the NightMature

Kel smiled, "You wouldn't have allowed me to kiss you, if that was true."

Diggy continued to listen to him as he got off the counter.

Diggy walked by Kel and said, "I love you... but I don't know about this. The main problem of our relationship was the image."

Kel started to get nervous. He realized that Diggy wasn't going along with this.

Diggy tried to get his emotions together. "So now, you want me? And this is 'for real' now... I'm confused, and I don't know what to do. I don't mean to be dramatic. But I need to think."

Diggy walked up to him and softly kissed him on his lips.

"Let's go back to the party."

Diggy unlocked the door, he held the door open so Kel could follow.

In the party:

1:43am Trey Songz Still Scratching Me Up playing.  

Kel walked up to Malik up in the balcony. Malik turned to Kel to see that he was upset.

"You talked to Diggy," said Malik.

"Yeah, I poured my heart out Malik, and it confused him. He said he had a boyfriend too, but he didn't push me off when I kissed him."

"Yeah, that has to be him down there." Malik pointed to Diggy dancing on a man.

Kel looked at the dude and uttered, "I lost ... now that's check mate."

Diggy looked up to the balcony as he grind and danced. Kel was emotional and Diggy knew he was upset. Kel watched Diggy until the last song played. Malik went to the DJ booth.

"Its now 2 am! I would like to thank everyone for coming to my 25th birthday celebration! Its been a intense week for me and my friends. I love you all! Drive safely and have a great night! Thank you for making my 25th birthday is success and memory I will always remember! To my fraternity and my sister sorority: BLU PHI!!!!"

The fraternity responded, "U KNO!!"

The sorority responded, "Z-PHI!!! SO SWEET!" 

Malik: Good Night! Love you All!

Kel watched Diggy and everyone else start walking to the door. 

Kel looked at his phone, to see an unread text from Diggy. He opened the message and it read.

Now that everyone has left, we can finished what we started. I didn't have a boyfriend. You know me well. I would never cheat on anyone. But me and him were talking. He was going to ask me out and I would have turned him down, because he wasn't you. I want to work on us. I'll be waiting by the bar on the 2nd floor balcony and I'll leave at 2:10am. If you meet me, than we can talk about "us" and if not,  I will understand. Good night Mikhael, regardless of what you chose, I love you. 

Kel took a deep breath in. He looked down at his watch and thought about the decision he was about to make. He looked over the balcony to see everyone leaving. He re-read the text message and proceeded to the bar. Moments later, he got to the bar and Diggy was sitting at the end of the bar. 

The End

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