Blood StreamMature

Kel gently picked up Diggy and put him on the bathroom counter. He walked over to the door and locked it. He checked underneath the stalls as Diggy watched him. Kel walked up to Diggy and before he could kiss him again. Diggy placed both his hands on his chest.

Kel said, "What's wrong?"

Diggy (innocently) muttered, "Don't hurt me."

Kel looked him in his eyes. Kel placed his hand on his chest. "Do you feel that?"

"Yeah, its your heart beating." 

"It bleeds for you... you complete me Demetreus. I can't be without you anymore. I have search for that perfect woman to replace you, but when I see you, you blow everyone else away. You make me smile every time I see you. I can't keep running. I give you my heart."

Diggy cupped his mouth with his right hand and started to get emotional.

Kel wiped away Diggy's tears and continued, "I knew I truly loved you when I came looking for you after I left you at the Ruby Lounge. I was so angry that I couldn't let you go. You're 100% right; everybody I fucked, I wished they were you. If I see people in love, I think about loving you. When I see you with other people, I know I am the only one that can complete you."

Kel started to cry and Diggy wiped away his tears. Diggy cupped Kel's face.

Kel continued, "I only cry for you.  I dream about your kisses. I miss your laughter. When you laid in my bed last week, and we laid together, (hesitated) I felt like everything in the world was right."

Kel poured his heart out to Diggy. "I don't know what this means... but this is what I had to tell you. And your injuries are my fault. I should have been your friend that night, and most importantly your boyfriend."

Kel continued, "You're always and will always be in my bloodstream... Take me back."

Kel wiped his tears, and kissed him gently.

"Or atleast think about it."

Diggy smiled, "You want to be my boyfriend again? (hesitated) What if I told you I already have a boyfriend... and he's here tonight." 

The End

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