Let It FlowMature

1:20am at the Black Box: "Slow" by Jamie Foxx was playing.

The baby making music was playing throughout the club. Everyone was coupled up and dancing to the rhythm of the beat. Almost everybody were grinding. Malik was dancing with a girl as was Andre. They didn't want to expose themselves in front of Malik's straight friends, colleagues and family. 

Kel took a break from dancing with a girl and went to the bathroom. Diggy just finished washing his hands. Kel rushed to an urinal and Diggy recognized him in the mirror.

Diggy looked Kel up and down. He snapped himself out of the trance when he heard him almost finish using the urinal. Kel walked over to wash his hands when he saw Diggy drying his hands.

"Diggy?" said Kel.

Diggy turned to see Kel smiling at him. "Hey Mikhael, how are you?"

"I'm good, getting my swerve on, out on the dance floor."

Diggy laughed, "Look at you! Dancing! Well good for you!"

Kel smiled and laughed, "Well, how are your injuries?" 

Kel finished drying his hands and "Wetter" by Sammie played throughout the club.

Diggy responded, "Oh I have bruised ribs, none were broken, and I did get my mouth swabbed for any diseases, which came back negative. Thank the Lord! I can see out of both eyes now, and I'm recovering well."

Kel smiled, "I'm happy to hear that."

"I know! Me too! Lesson learned!"

"I want to talk with you before you go back to Philly."

"I'm going back to Philly tonight. I came up as a surprise to Malik."

"Oh really?!"

"So if this a positive "talk" we should do it now."

Kel nervously chuckled and Diggy looked confused.

"Well, this is hard for me to do, but Diggy, I think I want to-"

(Assertively) "Stop... don't even finish. Here you go with your mix signals. Let's not."

"This is my final decision..."

"I rather not, know what it is!"

Diggy walked away from Kel and he put his head down in disbelief.

Diggy turned, "Are you coming?" Diggy tossed the paper towel in the trash and said, "Let's just be friends. If you try to push change, it might not work the way you want it. But if you just let it flow, than it will work out for the better." 

Kel smiled and walked up to Diggy. He grabbed Diggy's arm and pulled him close.

Their eyes met and locked, brushing him out of reality on a tidal wave of passion, and like always he fell hard into it. Kel pressed his lips against Diggy's. He bit his lower lip and Diggy's body was left lifeless in Kel's grasp. Diggy's head was thrown back and he remained breathless as Kel spread his passion on his lips. 

Diggy not only lost his train of thought, but it seemed like he lost all coordination for a couple of moments.

Diggy said weakly, "Stop that..."

Kel gave him a wicked smirk, licked his lips and replied: "Stop what?"

Kel placed his fingers around Diggy's waist, gently against his ribs, and his other hand slid in his pants. Kel whispered: "This?"

Diggy moaned.

Kel smiled and said: "Or this?'

Diggy sharply inhaled, as he felt a shot of passion drilled in him. Kel smiled, "You want me to stop? Just say my name."

Diggy chattered, "M-m-m-mmik"

Kel's hands continued to explored and dug deeper. Diggy opened his mouth and allowed his eyes to roll with pleasure.

The End

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