Black BoxMature

One Week later

During the week, everything went back to normal. Everybody went back to work. And everybody went home. Diggy was in the hospital and then transfer to a hospital near him in Philly. Kel went back to a peaceful work schedule and raising his son Jaiden.

Malik was the only friend still not talking to Kel after that Diggy incident. Kel and Diggy weren't talking either. His fraternity brothers didn't let them talk.

Friday Night: 7:08pm

Kel, Alyssa (Jaiden's mother) and Jaiden sat around his dinner table. Kel made dinner, shrimp alfredo with baby spinach. They sat in silence.

Alyssa interrupted the silence, "Can I take Jaiden to the zoo this weekend?"

Kel said, "Yeah, are you taking him for the weekend?"

Alyssa responded, "Yeah, me and my boyfriend are going away for the weekend, and waited to bring my son. And aren't you going to Malik birthday bash."

Kel took the folk out of his mouth, "Um,I don't know."

Alyssa finished, "You should. He would love that."


The Next Night: At the Black Box Club. 12:14am

The club was packed. The music was blazing. The girls were sexy and men were too. The Sigmas were party walking in the middle of the crowd. Greek organizations were in there in full throttle mode. "The Motto" Drake, Lil Wayne and Tyga song was blasting throughout the entire place. SGRhos and Kappas were party walking on the upper balcony. Andre and Malik were dancing in the VIP room with their friends. Malik looked around for Kel. He wasn't there. 

Malik looked over the glass balcony and saw the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha come in, and Kel was one of the guys. He smiled, and even though he was pissed.  Malik started to bump to the music when he saw Ross walk in the club with his friends. He started to get flashbacks from the party at the Man Cave. He automatically told the club security to remove them from the premises.

Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj hit next, and then the sororities began their diss strolls.

Rachel along with her Deltas started to stroll and diss the AKAs (another sorority). 

As Ross' crew were exiting the club, more Sigmas walked in, including Diggy. Malik watched Diggy walk past Ross. Malik couldn't believe Diggy came! He looked a lot better, but still sore. 

Kel tapped on Malik shoulder and he turned around.

"You came!" Malik said!

"Yeah, I had to support my best friend. I'm sorry, I got caught up in..."

"Its okay! Diggy is okay. And your okay. I love your bruh" 

Malik and Kel hugged.

"Now go dance, and get you a girl!" 

Kel laughed as Rack City started to play by Tyga. Kel ran over to his fraternity brothers and they started to stroll. Diggy walked up behind Malik.

"Hey Frat!" 

"Diggy! Why are you here?"

"I wanted to support you."

"Thank you."

"Happy Birth Week!" 

They both laughed.

"Okay I showed my face! I'ma go sit down." Diggy said as he walked away.

The crew had a lot of fun. First day, that they were all together and having fun. Diggy was dancing with Tevin and Rachel. Diggy started shaking his ass to the beat and drew a crowd to him. He was killing it! Rachel placed her ass next to his and tried to match how fast he was popping his.

Ass by Big Sean and Nicki Minaj came on and Diggy really went hard. He didn't allow Tevin to dance with him because they were in straight club. Malik and Kel were taking shots while they watched Diggy shake his ass.

"If I wasn't with Andre, I would fuck him." Malik said.

Kel turned and said, "Look at that ass just bouncing up and down."

Malik continue, "Since your not fucking that ass no more, you mind if I try?"

Kel laughed, "You gonna cheat on Andre?"

Malik continue, "Naw, we gonna have a three some. I know Diggy would be down for that. "

They laughed. Malik and Kel were mesmerized as they looked over the balcony and watched Diggy booty popping.

"So can I?" said Malik.

Kel hesitated," I don't know, I guess."

Malik looked at Kel, "You still have feelings for him?"

Kel said, "Yeah, and it scares me.

Malik was shocked that Kel answered honestly.

"Well, go get him..." said Malik.

"I kinda don't know what I want." 

Malik responded, "Well, go buy him a drink and go talk to him and be honest. He always has to make you angry so that you can talk. And be careful, I saw Ross around here."


"Yeah, he's outside of the building."

"I'ma beat his ass. Okay I'ma go talk to Diggy but after I finish watching shake that beautiful ass"

They laughed.

The End

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