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Diggy was sleep in Kel's bed when everyone started to arrive. Kel was prepared to hear it. He was prepared to get cursed out. "Find a place" by Trey Songz was playing in the background. He made breakfast for himself and Diggy. Diggy went back to bed and he began to cleanthe dishes when the door bell rang.

He opened it and Malik, Andre, his fraternity brothers, Danita, Rachel, Jay and Tevin rushed in. Kel said, "He's asleep in my room, he looks a little rough, but I'm going to take him to the hospital in a couple of hours."


"Lower your voice!" Said Kel.


"Lower yall voices in my house!" Said Kel.


Everybody to started to come up against Kel. Andre and Rachel were in Kel's bedroom talking to Diggy. His fraternity brothers started to get angry. Kel's anger started to become apparent.

Andrew, (a frat brother): What's your problem?

His frat brother got closed to Kel. He didn't step down and walked up against them. Everybody started yelling!

Dereck, (a frat brother) : WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!

Malik, (a frat brother) : I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU! 

Tevin: You should have just swallowed your pride and took him like I said.

Kendar, (a frat brother) : DICK HEAD

Will, (a frat brother) : I SHOULD JUST BEAT YOUR ASS RIGHT NOW

Danita: Everybody please stop ganging up on Kel. The point is that Demetreus is okay. And he's alive. 

Jay: Yes I'm happy that he is good. But he got his ass beat, because of your pride! What kinda of friend is that! What kinda ex-boyfriend is that!

Kel: Stop yelling in my house! I underst-


Kendar, (a frat brother) : I cannot believe you left him! What kind of friend are YOU!

Will punched Kel in his face and started to punch him repeatly in his face. Kel defended himself.

"STOP!!!! PLEASE!!" said Diggy as he walked in the room. 

Will stopped punching him and everyone looked at Diggy. This is the first time they saw him, since they got there. He had bruises and cuts everywhere. One of his eyes were so bruised that it was shut. His stomach was wrapped and he was upset.

Andre and Rachel walked up from behind him. They were both emotional.

"Please, stop hitting him." whispered Diggy.

It was pure silence in the room. Everybody was shocked. Malik became frustrated. The tension was tight in the room.

"Kendar, do you have clothes for me. I need to get to the hospital. Nobody touch Kel. It was my fault. Truly." 

Jay said, "This isn't your fault."

Diggy proclaimed, "Yes it is. I wanted Kel to give me a ride. So I got myself intoxicated thinking he would fall back into old habit and take care of me. But he has been trying to move on. And I have been slowing him down."

He turned to Kel. "I'm sorry. I do play too many games. And you did win."

He faced the rest of his friends and fraternity brothers and continued, "When he turned me down. I realized that I lost and should have waited there for Tevin. But I left and stumbled into two men who realized that I was gay."

He started to cry, "They kept touching me, and they realized that I was drunk and I didn't know where I was. He ripped my blazer off, and pinned me down. They ripped my jeans and one of the men stuffed his penis in my mouth."

His tears dropped as everyone else's did, Kel, Malik were getting angry and he continued, "With my free hand, I grabbed a bottle and hit one of the dudes with the bottle of the ground. (Diggy wiped his tears) He fell to the ground and I kicked the other dude in his dick. He didn't rape me. (Some people in the room were relieved) I got up and ran until they chase me to the corner of the block and they started to beat me until I was bleeding every where. Then I saw a flash a light and then I realized another person joined the fight. The two dudes ran and then the guy was Kel. He came back for me and then I remember waking up this morning."

"This was my fault. Please don't punish him for my mistakes." He pleaded.

The End

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