The Next Morning: 

Kel's alarm clock played "Still Scratchin Me Up" by Trey Songz.


Kel slowly started to wake up. His bed was warm and comfortable. He looked up at the ceiling, reflecting about his dreams. He heard his alarm clock. He started rocking his head to the beat. He looked around and admired all his greek paraphernalia of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

He smiled as he listened to the song. In the midst of everything, he still missed his son, Jaiden and was excited to see him today. It was a Sunday and the weekend was finally over. The frustration of Ariel and Diggy.... Diggy?! Where is he? He wondered.

He turned over, gently removed the sheet and saw a peaceful Diggy sleeping.

"Oh I remember now!" Kel thought, "Diggy started screaming last night in his sleep and I came in here and held him. He was having a nightmare. He was punching and fighting in his sleep. He was cursing at me and some other people in his dream and I subdue him by holding him tight. I guess I fell asleep in here."

He laid there on his back with the music playing in the background. He watched the ceiling for about an hour, just thinking and relaxing. The entire Anticipation 2 Mixtape played on his alarm clock. "French Kiss" was playing now. Diggy turned over and subconsciously put his hand on Kel's chest. Kel looked at Diggy and studied him. 

"Why can't I let you go?" Kel thought.

Kel smiled as Diggy leaned on him more. His hand on Kel's chest felt perfect and warm. 

Diggy started to wake and Kel pretended to be sleep. Diggy softly groaned as he started to realize where he was. He realized that he was touching Kel and jointed back.

He muttered, "Goodness, he would have flipped if he would have awaken to me touching him!"

Diggy moved slightly and pain shot up his body. The pain quickly reminded him about the event the night before. He moved away from Kel, and attempted to sit up. His ribs were inflamed. 

"UGH!" He said as he tried to sit up. Tears fell from his eyes. He gently removed the sheets and stood up. He stretched and grabbed his ribs as he realized he couldn't stretch. Kel was watching him when Diggy wasn't looking but continued to pretend to sleep. He smiled as he watched Diggy tipped toed to the bathroom. Diggy was only in underwear and a t-shirt. He still looked good and beautiful even with bruises all over him. Kel heard the water running and took the opportunity to find his cell phone.

Kel had 20 missed calls and over 35 missed texts.

"Da Fuck?!" said Kel.

Diggy walked back into his room.

"Good Morning Kel."

Kel looked up at Diggy, and was stunned by his beauty.

Diggy responded, "Kel? Are you okay?"

Kel snapped out of his trance and said, "Oh, um-um, I have over 20 missed calls! I can't handle anything else. Damn!"

Diggy walked back in his bedroom. He grabbed a pillow and a blanket and started walking towards the door.

Kel looked up again and said, "Where are you going?"

Diggy responded, "Oh, I'm going to lay in the living room; cause..."

"Diggy, lay in this bed." 

Diggy looked confused, "Your sending the mix signals again."

Kel looked up as he dialed his voice mails, "You were in the bed last night. I came in here cause you were screaming."

"I was?" 

"Yeah, loud. So I stayed in here with you to keep you calm."

"Oh... wow... th-thank you."

Kel listened to his voice mails and uttered, "Oh damn, everybody is out looking for you and they think something horrible happened. I'ma call them and tell them your here."

"Can you wait till after breakfast? Actually, can you cook breakfast, one of the Dominican breakfasts before the craziness arrives?!" Diggy giggled.

"Yea, why not." Kel laughed, "I'ma call them over. I'm not looking forward to this!"

The End

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