Kel just dropped Tevin at his house. Tevin was upset that Kel didn't take him to Malik's house, so that he can get the car. He knew Diggy was emotional and intoxicated. He also knew Diggy wasn't familiar with the streets of Brooklyn, and if he wander to far in the wrong direction, he would get robbed or killed. Tevin just couldn't sit by and watch this happen!

Tevin waited until Kel drove off and pulled out his bike. He went into his house, and grabbed his mace just in case. He rode for several blocks until he approached Malik's house. He called Malik and no answer. He looked down at his watch. 3:18am.

"Damn! It's late. Everyone is probably sleep." He thought.

He was worried about Diggy. He started to become frustrated. He started to bang on Malik's door and ringing the bell repeatly until his phone ranged.

"Hello?" said Tevin.

"Hey, its Kel. I think Diggy got a ride. So you can sleep easy."

Moments later, a light turned on upstairs.


"Yeah, good night. I'll see you in the morning."

Malik opened the door and Tevin hung up the phone.

"Tevin?! What's wrong?" Said a concerned and hoarse Malik.

"Can I borrow your car? I have a bad feeling about something, and I have to check it now!" Said an upset Tevin.

Malik seemed very concern. 

Tevin said, "I will catch up tomorrow morning. I don't want to alarm you, more than I have already have. I will hide your keys in your mailbox, when I'm finished."

Malik said, "I trust you, but you want me to come?!"

Tevin responded, "No, its okay. I won't do anything stupid."

Malik walked upstairs and grabbed his car keys.  Malik came back down stairs, and gave him the keys.

"Be careful and update me in the morning."

"I will! Goodnight."

Tevin ran down his stoop steps and got in his car and drove off. Malik closed and locked his door and went back to sleep.


Tevin arrived at Ruby Lounge. He got out of the car and walked around. No sign of Diggy. Tevin didn't believe Kel. It didn't make sense. How could Diggy find a ride, if he was that intoxicated, no sense of where he was and no identification or cell phone.

Tevin got in the car and drove slowly through the streets. He was looking for Diggy. Then something caught his eye. He parked his car and ran over to black blazer on the ground. He grabbed the blazer and went in its pockets.

Phi Beta Sigma key chain and a couple of dimes in the pocket. Tevin started to cry, as he became very worried. He knew Diggy and Malik were apart of this fraternity. He went in the other pocket and saw Diggy's receipt from the bar, he knew this was his blazer. He walked a couple of steps further down the block to see if Diggy was around or more stuff of his was laying around. He started to see blood droplets on the ground. He started to get nervous as he turned the corner. He saw pieces of a ripped white shirt that looked like Diggy and more blood. He started to get very emotional. He saw 3 set of footprints in the blood. He looked down the street and saw the footprints walk the other way. He panicky grabbed the blazer and ran back to his car. He drove back to Malik's house.

The End

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