Mommy's WordsMature

The red, white and yellow lights rushed through Kel's car window as he drove. Kel was speeding to the hospital as a exhausted Diggy was laying in his back seat. Kel didn't know what to do.

"He has lost a lot of blood" whispered Kel to himself.

"Yes" by Musiq Soulchild played lightly in the background. He was trying to remain quiet and chilled but he kept replaying the conversation of leaving Diggy intoxicated on the street. Diggy woke up and attempted to sit up in the back seat.

"Mikhael?" He whispered.

"Demetreus? Are you okay?" Kel responded.

"I hurt. Where are... where we going?" 

"To the hospital."

"No! Not there."

"Dee, yes."

"Not there... please."

"I know you hate hospitals."

"Kel, I just left there... please don't take me back."

Kel exhaled and then said, "Diggy, where do you want to go?" 

Diggy started to drift back. 

Diggy muttered, "Mommy, I love you."

Kel smiled. 

His eyes started to roll as he drifted back, Diggy whispered, "Mommy, can you tell Kel before I die, that I love him and I hope he's happy with his new life."

Kel said, "You're not going to die. And he's knows you love him."

Diggy muttered, "Are you sure?! I don't like this feeling...bahe tuet" 

Kel watched Diggy through his rear-view mirror.

He whispered as he drift to sleep:  "Mommy, you jujus think dhwheht he loves me too?"

Kel smiled and whispered, "Yes, he does love you. He is just confused right now. But give him a little time. God will work things out for the better. Don't worry."

"Thanks mommy. I love Jesus. He always takes care of me. Night night mom."

Diggy fell asleep. Kel smiled and continued to drive.

20 minutes later:

Kel turned on the kitchen lights. He grabbed a water bottle from his kitchen and put it in the bathroom. Diggy was sleep in his bath tub. Kel slowly and gently remove the clothes off of Diggy's body. Even though Diggy was thick man, he was still sexy and toned. Kel observed the bruises on his body. He felt on Diggy's ribs and knew that he definitely had damage there. He washed off the stones and tiny pebbles from his back. Diggy started to wake.

"Where am I?" Diggy's voice was hoarse.

"You're at my house. I can clean you up better than a hospital."

Diggy giggled, "Thank you for not taking me back there."

Diggy watched Kel grabbed a wash cloth and wipe him down. Diggy watched him for a couple of minutes.

Kel opened his mouth, and said "Demetreus, I'm Sor-"

Diggy interrupted him and whispered, "Don't talk. It's okay."

Kel wiped down Diggy and he cringed every time he wiped over a bruise or a cut.

Diggy smiled, "It's okay. Do I look bad?"

Kel responded, "a little. I think you have  cracked rib. And one of your eyes is bruised. Some cuts, but you'll be okay."

Diggy looked at his body. "How did you get my clothes off, without me noticing?"

"I was always had that skill"

They laughed.

"I cleaned your cuts, so if you want to go to sleep you can. I wrapped your stomach too." 

Diggy smiled, "Thank you. Your my favorite male nurse."

Kel laughed and grabbed a t-shirt. "Put this on."

Diggy put on Kel's Alpha t shirt and uttered, "You would give me an Alpha shirt, knowing that I'm a Sigma."

"Shut up boy and take my hand."

Kel reached out his hand and Diggy grabbed it. Kel picked up Diggy and took him into his bedroom. He laid him in his bed. He tucked him in and fluffed his pillow. 

"Good night Demetreus." Kel said.

Diggy responded, "Can you stay with me?"

Kel smiled. He turned off the light and said:

"I'll be right down the hallway. You won't be alone. I promise."

Diggy smiled and whispered: "Thank you... good night Mikhael."

Kel smiled and whispered, "I don't want to roll over and hurt you more than I've hurt you already. You're too precious to me, for me to lose. Good night."

Diggy half sleeply said, "What did you say? I didn't hear you."

Kel said, "Um, just good night. Don't forget to pray."

Diggy closed his eyes and went to sleep. He cracked the door and left the light on. 

The End

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