Double DeckedMature

Diggy looked up in between the blood drips. He subconsciously moved slightly to the left but still endured the kick to his ribs. Blood dripped to the group and he was breathing heavily. He was losing and he didn't know what to do. He felt pain covered his body. He saw a light flashed and then another punch to his face. He looked up and saw another man punching the guy in the green hoodie. The men were distracted and Diggy pulled himself to the brick wall. He couldn't see, he knew his eyes were badly bruised because everything had a red tint. 

Kel charged at the man in the green hoodie. The man in the red hoodie punched Kel in his chest. Kel slammed the green hooded man into the brick wall. He lost his breath.  He double decked the man in the red and smashed him into his knee. Blood dripped on Kel's jeans. 

The two guys ran off into the distance. Diggy was badly beaten. They stole his shoes and his white dress shirt was ripped and barely hanging off him. He laid there afraid and shaken. 

Kel walked up to Diggy. Diggy didn't know who he was. He started to cry as he tried to crawl away. Kel looked at his face and both eyes were bruised. Diggy could barely see.

"Please leave me alone?!" He continued to cry. 

Kel said, "Demetreus, its me? Mikhael!"

"M-mick-kel?"  Diggy cried out.

Diggy's facial expression change and then he got defensive.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!!! You left me to die!" As he continued to defend himself.

Kel started to cry. He saw Diggy broken and blood everywhere.

"I'm sorry Demetreus... I would never want this. Let me take you..."

He was reluctant to move. Tears dropped from Kel's eyes. He looked at Diggy's body.

Kel uttered, "I'm sorry."

Kel gently touched Diggy's leg and he jolted. Diggy was shaking. Diggy tried to wipe his back, because the rocks were still digging in his skin.

Kel said, "Please let me take you."

Diggy was still reluctant to move.

Diggy softly whispered, "I'm okay now..."

Kel watched Diggy try to stand up. He held his rib cage as he leaned against the wall. Then his legs gave out and he fell back into the same place.

Diggy hoarsely said, "I got myself in this mess (inhaled) I did drink too much (exhale) and then all my friends left me. I did this to myself."

Kel got on his knees and said, "Please let me?"

Diggy wiped his arm that was covered in blood with his shirt. Kel wiped Diggy's tear. Diggy started to cry harder. Kel took Diggy in his arms and pick him up. Kel saw his jeans ripped.

Kel reacted surprised: "Oh my God!" 

Diggy cried, "it's bad."

Kel wiped some of the stones from his back.

Diggy flinched. "That feels better. I'm dizzy."

Kel leaned over to see the damage that they did.  Kel tried to help him stand up and thought, "They raped him?!"Diggy's eyes rolled back and he passed out. Kel caught him and put him in his car.

The End

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