Kel turned onto Tevin's street. Tevin didn't speak to Kel the entire ride. 

"Which house is yours?" Kel interrupted the silence. 

"I told you I was going to go Malik's house."  Tevin snapped back.

"I am already at your house." 

"I can't believe you did that."

"It was checkmate."

"Checkmate???" Tevin uttered as he pointed at his house.

"I'm pretty sure his frat brothers will get him."

"Diggy left his phone at Malik's."

"He'll be fine."

Tevin yelled, "Go get HIM!" 

Kel yelled, "No! Now stop worrying about it. Good night Tevin." 

Tevin got out his car and slammed his door. He ran across the street and went into his house. Kel drove off.


Kel sits in front of his house, parked outside. He tapped his fingers against the dashboard. Sammie's Round 2 played throughout his car.  Kel was in deep thought. He replayed the conversation in his mind. He opened his cell phone and looked at Diggy in his phone.

*Dial Tone*

A voice recording of Demetreus speaking:

"Hey! Hola! Hello! You have reached the voice mail of Demetreus! So sorry that I missed your call! I will return it as soon as I am available! Have a great and positive day!"

*Dial Tone*

Kel pulled off and decided to see if Diggy got a ride. He arrived at the Ruby Lounge at 3:21am. He got out of his car and walked around. He didn't see anything.

"Good, he's got a ride." He thought.

Kel called Tevin and told him Diggy got a ride, and its okay. Kel got back in his car and drove off. He felt better and his conscious felt relieved. He knew Diggy was going to blow up at him the next day, but he was just tired of the games. He turned a corner and as he drove by he saw something catch his eye.

It looked like a fight, but Kel wasn't sure. Two men dressed in dark clothes were kicking and beating up someone on the ground. Kel drove by slow, to catch a better look but couldn't see their faces. Something told him, he needed to stop the fight.

The men were  distracted by the shouts  and cries of a man laying on the ground. Kel quickly reacted and got out of his car. As Kel was running over towards the fight, he saw one of the guys pick up Diggy.

It all clicked! Diggy was getting jumped by the hooded men. Kel tapped into his anger as he realized what was going on. He had to stop this!

The other man's leg swept out in a wide and forceful way connecting with Diggy's ankles throwing him off balance. Without even realizing what was happening, a dislocated Diggy found himself flat on his back, coughing and sucking in deep breaths of air. He screamed as the tiny pebbles from the asphalt dug painfully into his back. Kel heard him scream and that angered him even more. Kel punched one of the men in the face and started to jab intensively until the man started to bleed!

"Get the fuck off of him! Get the fuck out of here before I pull out my gun!" 

The End

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