The Game PlanMature

Tevin exhaled and muttered, "Wow."

Diggy smiled, "I know! But what I don't understand, is why me? You don't like my type? You like the Preston type."

Tevin laughed as Ariel passed out the drinks. She sat down and Tevin continued. 

"I like a normal guy. Confidence... its attractive," said Tevin.

"Yeah, but aren't you the bitch in your relationships. Tev! So am I... can that work?"

Ariel laughed as she sipped on her apple martini. Ariel interrupted:

"Guys, I'm going to dance. Come with me!"

Diggy grabbed his Ninja Turtle drink and Tevin grabbed his Gummy Bear drink and headed toward Ariel.

1 hour later:

Diggy and Tevin watched Ariel act a fool on the table of the lounge. "Do It Like You" by Diggy (f/ Jeremih) played in the background.

Tevin added, "Kel knows how to pick up a hoe."

Diggy laughed, "Right, she is a straight smut. At least I have class. I have my hoe-ish moments but I never kiss atleast 5 strangers."

Tevin said, "I agree. You can be a hoe, but she is the real thing.

"You know what I just notice?"

"What, D?" 

"That bitch is our ride."

"Oh FUCK?!" 

"I don't have my license on me."

"I'll drive."

20 minutes later.

Diggy and Tevin were enjoying themselves when Ariel walked over with two other men. Freak Me by Jamie Foxx and Marsha played in the background.

"You ready to go?!" Said Tevin.

Ariel slurred, "Um-I'm leaving with these men." 

Diggy said, "Da FUCK? You are leaving without us?!"

Ariel laughed, "Yeshhhh! I'm going get some double dick tonight.

Diggy was shocked. Tevin responded:


Diggy responded, "Sterilized that dick before you insert. She's a nasty one."

Ariel grabbed her keys and yelled as she walked away with the guys, "BYE Babies!"

Diggy and Tevin looked at each other in shock.

Diggy said, "Are we stranded?!"

Tevin shook his head, yes. "I'll start calling people."

They both groaned.

15 minutes.

Tevin sipped his drink and continue to talk to Diggy.

"Any luck?" said Diggy.

Tevin said, "I have to call Kel. Everyone else isn't picking up."

Diggy groaned. "Not him"

"We don't have any other options." Tevin interrupted.

Tevin called Kel and put it on speaker phone. 

Kel: Hello?

Tevin: Hey?!

Kel: How is the party?

Tevin: I'll tell you about that later. Ariel ditched us and we need a ride. You are the only person that is awake. Please!

Kel: (laughing) Diggy's with you?

Diggy signaled no!

Tevin: Um, just me.

Diggy smiled and signal yay!

Kel: Then why did you say "we".

Tevin looked at Diggy. Diggy eyes got big.

Diggy: Okay Kel, its for me too. But if you don't want me riding in your car. Just take Tevin.

Kel: Okay, Tevin. I'll come pick you up.

Tevin looked at Diggy and said:

"What are you gonna do?

Diggy: I'll find a way home.

Kel: Okay! Its all decided! I'll pick you up at 2:30.

Tevin: Bye.

*Dial Tone*

Diggy ran over to the bar. Tevin followed and said,

"What are you doing?"

"I gotta get drunk. Kel would only let me ride with him if I am intoxicated."

Diggy asked the bartender. "Is Ariel tab still open?"

She replied, "Yep until $68 and she's only at $52."

"Can I have 2 long island ice teas and 151 shot and then I will close her tab." 

Tevin turned to Diggy. "You're going to be fucked up!"

Diggy took a shot and then sips of the drink, "Game On with Mikhael!"

Diggy continued, "I am a freaky drunk. I'm sorry for the night your about to have. But it has to happen if I'm going to get in Kel's car. Ready, Set... go!"

Diggy kissed Tevin again.

The End

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